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Rchase513 05-12-2021 05:16 PM

2003 Aerbus furnace issues

I have had this coach about a year. When I first got it both furnaces worked

Problem 1
The bedroom furnace is now only blowing cold air
Problem 2
The main furnace has no control at the thermostat -
The 5 button comfort control thermostat used to have a furnace & heat strip mode that has disappeared some months ago. I did change the control board because the air wasn’t blowing cold (works now) and the 8 dip switches are all on. We were careful to land all the wires & connectors as they were when we changed the box. (I also believe that the furnace & heat strip option had disappeared before we changed the box)

I did do a mode/zone reset got the ff but no furnace or heat strip option

Thanks for any guidance you can provide

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