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plebreux 05-13-2021 06:19 AM

Newmar Overhead Bunk latch opening while driving
This is my first post - so apologies if I am posting Improperly or in the wrong location. I just purchased a 2018 Newmar Bay Star 3113. This Coach has the optional over-head bunk (which is a great feature). After 3 days of driving - the one side constantly unlatched - and someone had to stay close and keep pushing the side up to lock back in again. It is seemingly an incredibly dangerous situation - if both sides opened the bed would either crash down on the driver or at the very least block the windshield. Frankly - I am amazed that Newmar would be able to install an overhead bunk without a mechanism that requires the bed to be pushed down as opposed to free-fall via gravity. My question -has anyone had a similar issue with a latch on a overhead bunk opening?? The more I have watched over the last several frustrating days of driving - it almost seems like the lock may be opening (Note: the lock actually opens - it is not that the Pin is not fitting properly) as a result of the frequency of the engine sound or vibration. Any suggestions would be very helpful. I did speak to Newmar and they were not helpful at all

bobphoenix 05-13-2021 07:29 AM

You have a valid concern with the locks on your bunk...

I went looking for info on your bunk locks and, although I haven't found anything yet, I did find this dealer video of your model and... OH MY!!! look at what happens to the salesman when he tries to lift and latch the bunk in the up position! He even jokes that the system works... "Sometimes"... Plus, he didn't even latch both sides!

I've never understood the thought process behind the engineering when they used any kind of latch that required a "lift and lock/unlock" mechanism... After all, even on the best roads every vehicle will bounce up and down, or jostled around at some point...

For my own piece of mind, I would build and install some sort of device that will not allow the bunk to descend until it is manually released (Like a swinging or protruding tab on the side walls that will keep the bunk in place while traveling,) or some other arrangement that prevents the bunk from unlatching and descending. (Even a temporary post put in place).
(Advance the video to 2:06...)

Rev. Roy 05-14-2021 11:44 AM

I would attach a slide bolt latch to keep it in place. We had a Class C many years ago that had one on the bunk.

"007" 05-14-2021 07:51 PM

Welcome to the forum and irv2.
You need double latches both sides of that bed platform, I would say and the pin latch that has the slots that will hold bolt in place so it cannot slip back. I had a spring loaded in another coach of different MFG years ago. Not sure what your latch is going into a board on wall or a hole into stud in wall.
This link will give you many other items you need to know about as you travel.
A search of your problem.
UNTIL you get it fixed a 2x4 under bed platform should hold it up till fixed.
Good luck with your fix and safe travels.

New2road 05-14-2021 11:51 PM

We had the bunk in our CS and it was a solid latch. It didn't get any use, so the latch didn't loosen up at all. I would check with Newmar and see if there are any adjustments that can be made or troubleshooting tips.

In the short run, I would figure out a way to secure it for travel.

plebreux 05-16-2021 02:51 PM

Thanks to everyone who responded with thoughts on how to address the issue of the overhead bunk lock - unlocking while driving. I finally got back home and had some time to look at the issue more carefully and I have discovered the problem and am replaying just in case anyone else ever has this issue. It turns out Newmar when building the unit used 2 driver's side brackets (at least I am hoping that was the case and not simply having one side only and simply turning it upside down to make it work on the passenger side). The only way to use the Driver's side on the passenger side was to turn it upside down so that the flat metal, silver side when against the Bunk as opposed to the Black plastic side - this is not a significant problem in and of itself - however by flipping it - it leaves the release switch (the switch that controls the clasp) almost touching the steel bunk frame. Obviously over time of driving the movement of the overhead bunk and the vibrations simply cause the switch to trigger which then unlocks the clasp. I will contact Newmar tomorrow and advise that I need a proper Passenger side switch - which should solve the problem. Stay tuned if Newmar decides to not send me the proper part of worse, if they say they only make one side and then turn it upside down for the other side.

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