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DiplomatDon 05-13-2021 04:28 PM

Help with Solar controller and Aladdin
We have a new to us 2005 HR Imperial. More bells and whistles than our former 2001 Diplomat for sure. Trying to figure out the solar system. Came from factory with solar and former owner added another panel. Can't figure out how much solar is charging. No visible controller and Aladdin shows AC but solar shows nothing although I think it is charging as batteries jump back up to 14.4 after operating slides and pulling them down to 13.3. Maybe Aladdin was never recalibrated after second panel was added if that was required. Directions say if recalibrating for solar to pull fuse on solar but have no idea where I would find that. Any help will be much appreciated. TIA, Don.

vito.a 05-13-2021 05:22 PM

Monaco used Heliotrope PWM solar charge controllers. Ours is mounted to the center basement ceiling on the passenger side. In the day they were some of the best.
Today, a good MPPT charge controller would be better.

Ours does display on the Aladdin. It should not require recalibrating. I've added three 200W panels and not recalibrated it.
Maybe a fuse is blown?

Don't confuse watts with amps. These 100 watt factory panels only produce 5-7 amps during peak sunshine.

Hope this helps.

DiplomatDon 05-14-2021 08:26 AM

Vito I was able to find the Heliotrope R45 behind a panel in a small cubby hole off the end of the closet above the washer/dryer. However using my multimeter don't seem to be getting any juice at any of the connectors. Aladdin just gives me a line of x's after the solar. Shows AC voltage when plugged in to power. I will keep searching.

Timaz 05-14-2021 01:35 PM

There also should be a in-line fuse in the battery compartment on a positive line. Most likely 10 amps. Look for that.


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