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Spk64 05-30-2021 06:58 PM

2002 MADP Wet Bay Modifications/Repairs
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I have had a couple items needing to be looked at and possibly fixed in the wet bay. Just noticed this spring that it appeared a support strap for the drain valves had broken and the panel always was a little flimsy by the cord reel. I dreaded doing the thought of disassembly of the panel for removal. As it turned out the removal of the panel was not bad took about 30-40 minutes to remove the proper screws and knobs. Couple water lines to disconnect by reaching behind panel.
With the panel removed the broken strap by the black valve was visible and a support bracket by the hose reel had failed.
Attachment 330210
Quick template and a new support block for the black tank valve pipe.
Attachment 330211Attachment 330212
Much stronger and should not break.
Attachment 330213
While the panel was open I also reviewed the pump and checked the strainer which was spotless.
Next was reinstalling panel and adding a new support for the panel. Not the best picture but the added support stiffened the panel considerably.
Attachment 330215
And one last item was mounting the regulator on the panel between hose reel and filter. Quick 3d printed bracket for mounting. VHB tape and 4 screws since panel is not very thick.
Attachment 330216

Dutch Star Don 05-31-2021 09:25 AM

It's nice to tackle a job that you expected to be a real pain and then it's not so bad and comes out nice. Now you know everything is good for many more years.

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