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HeinzRV 06-04-2021 02:57 PM

Mounting Solar Panels to Unistruts/Rails?
I plan to install solar on my 2016 Class A rig later this summer and I was wondering if anyone has mounted their solar panels on unistruts/rails? It seems to me that I could get away with fewer screw-down points on the roof if I used unistruts and it would give me more flexibility if I had to change out a panel or if I wanted to add tilting brackets in the future. Whatever the solution, I would configure it so there was about 2 of airflow gap below the panels to help keep them cool.

So, what is your opinion on the use of struts/rails vs bolting the panel brackets directly to the roof?

bigjon42 06-04-2021 03:00 PM

Check out the AM solar website, they have excellent how to videos. Jon

vito.a 06-04-2021 05:14 PM

Some folks use rails to raise the panels up over vents as well as get them above the raised sides. Some larger class A coaches have the awnings built into the roof line with raised sides on both sides.
Mounting solar panels to a rail system allows more panels and reduces shadows.

However, mounting solar panels to raised rails can greatly increase the cost of a system and I'm not sure it would reduce screw points.
I used aluminum Z brackets duplicating the factory mounted panel that came on our coach. A set of Z brackets was only $10.

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