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oggiedoggie 06-22-2021 06:10 PM

Progressive Ins rate
Yep. Same here. Got hit with a 20% increase on our 17 Aspire DEQ. Had it for 4 years in Florida. No claims either. Actual cash value only dropped the rate by about $500 so will keep the Total Replacement. But will be looking....

dwiede 06-22-2021 07:52 PM

I had an interesting item that came up when I started with Progressive. When I received my policy after enrolling through FMCA, I noticed that the agent typed the wrong birthdate and made me one year older. I called Progressive to resolve the typo and they said I was owed a refund. Looks like the increases everyone are commenting on come from more than newbies learning how to drive a big rig. I bet you see an increase every year due to age.

2-Nickels 06-22-2021 08:04 PM

I read about the treatment happening by Insurance companies and am saddened. We all pay dearly for these coaches and largely just want them insured reasonably. Unless I am mistaken a $500K Home would never have an annual insurance fee of approximately $3K.

In Canada our coach insurance has not changed over the past 4 years. We are insured with Aviva, is this an option for coaches in the US? BTW, AAA offered us the same rate this year, do they insure coaches in the US?

spuds 06-22-2021 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by Georgefhou (Post 5802000)
FMCA has excellent insurance for RVs.

FMCA does not offer insurance. They might have a partner who offers it, and then it depends on the state you live in, but FMCA themselves is neither an insurance company nor an agent.

tomgauger 06-23-2021 04:55 AM


Originally Posted by darjacob (Post 5783856)
Just like you, I had Progressive. USAA sent me to them. They posted record profits this year and then raised my premiums. So, like you, I checked with GEICO and wow! $700 less than Progressive. The agent asked if I would like to move my autos to GEICO and I said "I have USAA and you can't beat them". Boy was I wrong. They beat USAA by $300. I have been with USAA for 35 years but I'm gone now. USAA ain't what it used to be...

USAA has been behaving more like commercial, profit-making insurance over the past several years. I've been with them since 1960 and it's time to cut the cord.

Xpress21 06-24-2021 10:35 AM


Originally Posted by brobox (Post 5792470)
Another UPDATE:
Geigo will no longer insure MH's with a MSRV of over $500,000. No matter what you paid for it. Even if the MH is over 10 years old, if it has a MSRP of over $500M they will not insure it. Has anybody run into this lately as well?
I spent 2 hours on the phone, even with the main RV insurance division and received the same answer. Maybe because I am in FL?

We ran into this when we bought our 2018 Anthem back in August 17. We went with foremost originally but after 3 years of coverage/no claims got an increase of over $3000 (over $7000/year for Jeep and MH-no traffic tickets either) so we moved to GEICO but lost full replacement coverage. Who knows what increases we will face this year.

We talk about trading for a new coach but we are unsure what companies we can find that insure over 500K in Florida...

Which ones have you found?

Steve and Daphne

brobox 06-24-2021 02:31 PM

My MH renewal was with FMCA/Progressive in the amount of $3,587 full replacement cost.

Going through my Independent Agent that handles my homeowner, commercial and umbrella liability, they were able to rewrite a new Progressive Policy for $2,687.00 full replacement cost, after grouping my auto and umbrella liability which were already with Progressive. My homeowners is a sub high risk company of Progressive, but does not count in combining the policies for discount. It took some work, but a $900 savings with a little higher coverage was worth it. The auto was $50 high per 6 months being written as a new policy, but a good trade off.

Bob and Lisa 07-02-2021 07:27 PM

Congratulations on your tenacity Chuck!!! Cost savings per hour invested, you scored...

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