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AllanK 06-12-2021 07:54 AM

Muffler separated from tailpipe
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I am not very handy. Looking for ideas.

The tailpipe has separated from the muffler. The bolt on the clamp is rusted and not moving. I did spray it with WD40 but it still does not move.

We do have an auto parts store nearby.

How would you fix this?

Skip426 06-12-2021 08:16 AM

The tail pipe has rusted off , and needs to be replaced .
There will be a portion off the pipe inside the end of the muffler , that needs to be carefully removed , any damage to the sensor will add to the cost of your repair.
Do you have a muffler shop close by ?
Because I doubt the tail pipe is an item auto parts stores would handle, or have access to. If a muffler shop can't fabricate a new one then ordering it from Freightliner ( ? ) might be the only way to get one.
Anyone working on this repair will probably end up replacing the clamp so cutting the bolt off is the easiest way to remove it.

EDIT: Actually , on a closer look at your picture , the tail pipe might be over the muffler ( or DPF ) you won't know for certain till the clamp is removed.

Skip426 06-12-2021 08:31 AM

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If you have a Dremel , cut the band of the clamp to remove it ( yellow line ) and see if the tail pipe was clamped to the out side , or inside of the other pipe .
CUT ONLY the band , you don't want to disturb the surface of the other pipe.

FIRE UP 06-12-2021 10:11 AM

OUTSTANDING advice Skip! Without being there and seeing first hand just what might be the best approach, is kind-a tough to give advice to maybe a not-so-qualified DIY type. No disrespect to the OP at all. We're not all born with a wrench in hand.

tap4154 06-12-2021 12:11 PM

WD-40 won't do you any good on that rusted clamp. What you need to use is a penetrating oil that will loosen up the rust. Yes, that definitely rusted a d broke off. Need a new tailpipe, and to get that rusted section out of the muffler without damaging that sensor. You might be able to soak it with the penetrating oil, then start using a screwdriver to see if you can begin to move it or pry it out. Maybe get a grip on it if you can pry it up, with some needle nose pliers. pry the bottom then the top, and just go back and forth.

AllanK 06-12-2021 02:44 PM

Thanks all, we have an appointment at a muffler shop that deals with commercial trucks on Monday. I just need to secure the dangling tailpipe until we get there.

Dutch Star Don 06-12-2021 02:54 PM

If you're going to a muffler shop, forget about the clamp, they'll cut it off in about 30 seconds. I would either remove the tailpipe if you can get to that connector or use some gorilla tape and tape it up to a body part so it doesn't bang around, enroute to the shop. The tailpipe is junk and they'll be replacing it, no matter what.

Be prepared, they may find a bad exhaust and you'll be replacing everything from the turbo back. That may not be a bad thing to prevent future issues.

Something to think may have options as to which direction the new exhaust pipe will exit the rear of the coach....such as directed downward or to a side. If it has been an issue with blowing on your's the time to redirect.

AllanK 06-15-2021 06:45 PM

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Thank you all, we are all fixed up by Harvey's Muffler and Shocks in Prince George B.C.

Ray,IN 06-15-2021 09:14 PM

Allan, before that bare metal begins to rust buy a spray can of Rustoleum high-temp paint and cover everything. The old one rusted from outside to inside.
I used Liquid Wrench penetrating oil on everything that is supposed to move but doesn't; 2-3 days later it moves.

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