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Old Harry 06-15-2021 07:11 PM

Strange Ticking inside the wall
My coach is a Tiffin Open Road 30GA

Had a strange thing happen this weekend while filling my MH with gas. Pulled into the gas station that has level concrete pads. When I stopped and turned off the engine there was a loud ticking coming from the upper cabinets on the passengers side just in front of the refrigerator.

At first I thought something was rolling back and forth in the cabinet so I opened several and looked inside, nothing there. After about a minute of looking the ticking was still going on in a regular rhythm, about once every second. I thought it must be something hitting the outside of the coach. I got out and looked, saw nothing. I thought maybe it was water dripping from the gas station canopy. But no, there was nothing dripping from above. I could not hear it from outside the coach, only inside. It was something very mechanical sounding.

I filled up with fuel, 28 gallons, got my receipt and went back into the coach. The ticking was still going on at the same rate. I started the motor and pulled forward several feet and the ticking stopped.

I have never had this happen before and as far as I know there is nothing mechanical behind the cabinet wall or in the ceiling at this location. It was about a foot from the refrigerator toward the front of the coach.

I only went into town to get fuel and propane for an up coming trip in several weeks. But the coach has been parked so nothing was or had been turned on or running for several weeks. It is stored inside my barn and plugged into a 120v circuit to run a dehumidifier.

I got home, put the coach in the barn, leveled it and turned it off. All was quite, no ticking, no other sounds except the engine cooling down.

I have owned this coach since August of last year and the wife and I have traveled to Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and all the states between and I never heard this noise before.

Any ideas or help explaining this would be appreciated.

OhioWayne 06-15-2021 07:59 PM

Possibly in motion satellite if equipped.

jeskibuff 06-15-2021 08:28 PM

My icemaker occasionally makes ticking noises but not all that loud. Maybe yours is on steroids?

Old Harry 06-16-2021 09:19 AM

OhioWayne, good thought. I have never gotten the satellite and my receiver to connect and work but I haven’t spent a lot of time trying so maybe that could be it. I’ll look into it more, thanks.

Jeskibuff, I replaced the ice maker and solenoid valve last month so I’m sure that was not it. Besides the refrigerator was completely turned off from both gas and electric. But thanks for the suggestion.

OhioWayne 06-16-2021 01:47 PM

As I read your post and you mentioned it quit when you pilled out from under the canopy the sat ant was the first thing i thought of. I have had 4 coaches with in motion antennas and what you described was familiar.

Ljwt330 06-16-2021 02:00 PM

If it is the satellite tracker, wouldn't that mean it is powered up all of the time and the OP doesn't realize it?

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