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Barryc737 06-18-2021 10:56 PM

Dash A/C leak found!
Another small victory! After having the dash A/C quit a couple of times and looking for leaks after recharging, it appears that the culprit is the Schrader valve on the high side.

First indicator was a fair amount of oil inside the red valve cover. Used soapy water for leak detection, but not a lot of evidence with such a small (and intermittent) leak. Put a finger over the port and after about 10 seconds pulled my finger away and got a "pop". Evacuated the system and attempted to remove the valve core. It would unscrew but couldn't get it out (no system pressure to help). Sounds like I should have tried tweezers or a hemostat but a friend mentioned that some commercial refer units have valve cores with a "shoulder" on them to keep them from becoming missiles under pressure. Has anyone seen those used on our motorhome systems?

I've also seen devices made by Mastercool and others that allow you to R&R valve stems without losing refrigerant. Has anyone used something like that?

Timaz 06-19-2021 11:56 AM

This was one of my problems also. The A/C guy that fixed mine had a set of those tools and could remove and replace the valve without pulling the refrigerant out. (If you have enough room above the valve) I didn't.


RamiDav 06-21-2021 12:14 PM

Did you get the valve core out? If you did how?

Ray 03 Windsor

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