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GuyFawkes 06-19-2021 11:55 AM

Minor Fixes/repairs
Two issues I hope the group can help with:

First there are two steps to gain entry into the cab. Each of those steps has a metal grate secured to the fiberglass with four screws. Two of the front screws continue to back out and stick up about 1/2 inch. I have tried to tighten, but they are stripped. Each screw is a self taping screw about 2 inches long. I have looked under the steps and can not see what the screws are supposed to screw into. To fix this problem I am thinking of shooting Gorilla Glue into the holes, tightening the screws, and letting it set for a few days? Thoughts???

Second issue is I have one pull out drawer that comes out during travel. I have read my owners manual and looked on the Renegade website but cant find anything on adjusting the drawers. Does anyone know if adjustments can be made or do I simply need to live with this issue.

Jim_HiTek 06-19-2021 12:42 PM

1st: Yah, I'd go with glue too if I couldn't access the backside where the screws exit. If I could access the back, I'd put a small piece of hardwood there as a backer and change to a SS wood screw.

2nd: Sometimes drawers have a mind of their own. I installed latches. They can be found in or near the baby section of most general stores. They are used to keep toddlers from getting into things. Installed, they allow the drawer to open maybe 1", you push down on the latch and it opens the rest of the way. I used one for the bedroom drawer that wants to bounce open all the time every trip getting in the way of the retracted BR slide. *CRUNCH* when extending. Hate that.

RaceRenegade 06-20-2021 06:12 PM

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millsj 06-21-2021 12:12 PM

Just thinking out loud here, but if you can't access the back side, could you install a rivnut of something along those lines? You might have to remove the step completely so the rivnut would sit flush against the fiberglass, but I think it would work.

ROUGHRIDER3 06-29-2021 10:19 AM

Use a "clip nut" without clipping it or a countersunk machine screw with a washer and nut on the underside. Forget the glue, not a very good way to solve the problem.

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