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DDE 06-27-2021 05:02 PM

Fleetwood Flair - Sound proofing-
Hi Gang,
I have finally got my dog house off on my 2020 fleetwood flair. Had to have one of my Panhead screws drilled out because the head was striped to the point I could not get on it.
Once I got it off I was hoping to see no insulation considering how loud the cockpit area is, but I was wrong there was about 1/4" heat insulation there.
So I am thinking that changing out insulation will not improve the situation. Anyone else found a way to improve the cockpit noise level in a Gas Ford V10 (or 8) fleetwood motorhome?
We are starting to take longer trips and to have it quieter would make for a much more enjoyable trip.


Ajayabb 06-28-2021 05:16 PM

Fleetwood Flair - Sound proofing-
Some people have lined the wheel wells and floor beneath the drivers and passengers seat with dynamat with success

donr103 06-28-2021 08:32 PM

my mh is 21yrs older.. i thought same thing.. did you pull the whole dog house?? or just the cute little hatch cover it turned out just adding more to what was there was not the answer i wanted.. turn your cell on record and flash unless you have selfie flash.. and hold over top of eng filming up and slowly move under dash area towards front of eng.. turns out on mine, there is a resonance chamber kinda over the fan area.. then film to the sides lt and rt and you will see.. if they still area that way.. a cave.. well i got lost in there for days.. sound proofing.. singing to my self.. weeks.. rolling, cutting.. cursing// i used 80mill.. i was too chicken to try bigger, oh i forgot.. you got to wipe it all down before your adhere the film on and roll it out.. i was so stoned.. maybe that is why i was singing.. i got great at cutting.. there are so many corners, angles, wires, protrusions.. it was an amazing difference.. still wished i went up thicker, but sadly still little too loud. so i filmed under the hood. they dont insulate bottom of fiberglass dash.. or even the firewall area.. did all that.. wks.. two layers this time.. man that was really great.. loved the fumes!! then i looked under the inside dash .. it was bare as can be.. used 80mm and 300mm all under dash and inside the dash cabinet. take picts and you will find,, they only put tiny bit of insulation on the hatch only.. it is all the rest they dont do.. inside under and in dash cabinet, the eng cave, the dsah bottom, the sides of under the hood front cap.. the difference is unbelievable.. i cant wait to go under the wheel wells .. just take your time, use thick as you can get away with.. dont hurt yourself.. if you feel pinching stop..get a lot of it. get the rollers if you dont have.. only go about 1/4 more on hatch.. it has to clear eng and clamp down.. i used aluminum coated to keep heat out. just make sure you have clearence and lots of 200 proof alcohol and maybe 2qt or so.. and lots of rags to wipe it all down first.. ( i know you though i was going to drink it.. but it turns out you dont have to) that is how i am still doing it.. may finish in 10 to 20yrs.. i used both name brand and off brand and just could not budget for all that the factory does not sound proof.. in the name brand made in usa.. sorry.. ofcourse there is no such thing as sound proof, unless space or million dollar rooms.. good luck and get back and let us know what you did. i bet the hours and the materials if factory charged retail markup for it would have increased the retail price 80,000 to 100,00 dollars more.. to me sooo much better.. now i want to add just one more layer.. GOD help me if i ever have to drill though all that.. sounds heavy but maybe less than 80 pounds or less.. i know that will not affect the 30 mpg i get ( ah ah ahhh)

TXiceman 06-29-2021 09:21 AM

You also need to insulate the whole floor and firewall to do much good on noise reduction. It has to be a sound deadening mat, not just insulation.


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