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Burfman 06-30-2021 03:38 PM

Power Steering Hydraulic Hose Leak
So after 20 years of ownership my '99 Allure decided to start leaking just before the steering box but not at the fitting but about an inch down the hose. So have any of you experienced a problem like this? I can get at it pretty easy thru the front d/s bay door and if I can install a field fitting it won't be much of a problem. If they don't make a field replaceable non crimped fitting then I'm going to have to pull the entire hose out which will be a big job. If I do have to go that way then I'll replace both hoses while I'm in there.
Any help on this project will be greatly appreciated.

Unplanned Tourist 06-30-2021 07:47 PM

If you can find an Aeroquip fitting dealer, they will be able to get you the fittings you need.

Just be sure the hose isn't cooked to the point it's brittle. Grab the hose a few feet away and give it a good twist. It should feel quite flexible.

Then go to the other end and feel it. You will know if it's time to change the complete hose or not.

Burfman 07-01-2021 09:09 AM

Thanks for the info. Yes it's cooked at the fitting and that's where it's leaking. The hose feels pretty hard about a foot back so I'm guessing I'll have to replace the complete hose. Going to start pulling the basement ceiling panels to see what access I'll have. Talked to a hydraulic mechanic and he said to replace the hose since its been in service for 20 years and it will most likely start leaking in other places and if the hose is hard / cooked the field fittings don't usually seal properly. Better to fail in the garage then out on the road:sad:

cntrylife 07-03-2021 12:02 AM

I know it is not the most pretty solution but I would leave the old hose there. At least on my coach, removing it would be borderline impossible. It is in a giant bundle with the HVAC and 200 other hoses and electric as well as about 10000 zip ties in a mile of insulation.
You might run the risk of damaging other things in an attempt to get it out.
I had to replace a fuel line and I got about 10 feet before a realized that abandoning the old one in place was a great idea....

Burfman 07-03-2021 09:36 AM

After looking at it I agree on leaving the old hose in place. CC did a great job of installation and securing the bundle of wires, hoses and whatever else is in the cable tray but not so good on performing any service on those items.

I called a mobile hydraulic mechanic that I knew and he came out and looked it over. We were able to pull about 18" of hose out to where we could cut it and install a new fitting, made up a short section of new hose and reinstalled it. Fired up the engine and did some hard lock to lock tests and all was good.

He did it all with some help from me for $300. I'm celebrating as it was looking to be a rather large expense to repair.

Thanks to all that chimed in with help. Stay safe out there and hope all of you have a happy 4th. Happy Birthday America!!!!!:dance:

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