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Grower15 07-02-2021 10:39 PM

Ready Brake Elite II Arm Not Unlocking
After completing a 300 mile drive today I unhooked the Ready Brake from the toad. One arm would unlock and slide into the receiver. The other arm remained locked in the fully extended position and would not retract. Also, the arm usually spins freely inside the receiver, however, it does not spin either.

This is a new tow bar (3 months old) and Iíve towed with it several times. Mine has a ďTĒ handle which you pull up on to release the arm so it will retract.

Iíll call NSA on Tuesday but was hoping to get this resolved before we leave here on Monday. Any ideas are appreciated. Thank you!

dizcom 07-03-2021 03:52 PM

Mine will get a little sticky once in awhile. A little pressure in or out while pulling the T usually gets it moving. I sometimes have to twist the T back and forth a few times while pulling on it to get it to move.

ROUGHRIDER3 07-03-2021 05:50 PM

Same as dizcom said. Plus turn T-handle around and around about 100 times.
Did this to mine when it was new and no more problems. Just new and tight tolerances.

Grower15 07-05-2021 08:43 AM

Thank you for the suggestions. Iíll keep working on it!

Grower15 07-07-2021 11:53 AM

Just close this question out, I called NSA and spoke with one of their techs (he was very helpful). There are two set screws (located mid way )one on each side of the two tubes that tow bar slides in and out of. These set screws need to be flush with the tube and secured with blue (non permanent) locktite. One of my set screws was at least a 1/16th of an inch inside the tube, causing the arm to bind. Once I backed it out, the arm slid in and out normally. My Ready Brute Elite II was built in 2021. Iím not sure if older models are the same.

BirchyBoy 07-07-2021 12:24 PM

Not that this is here nor there, but I’ve found it best to unlock the arms prior to unhooking the towed vehicle, taking the pressure off the bumper pins.

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