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Hoovis 09-08-2021 01:17 AM


Originally Posted by sw20td06 (Post 5897653)
No problem. Yes I saw the stabilizers are recommended, however I am only using the second position in the rise position for the towed vehicle and the top position for the bicycle rack. Bikes on there are cheapy kids bikes. Although not completely wobble free, I don't think my weight would necessarily need the stabilizer. And like you said I wouldn't know how to make that work. I'm sure a fabricator could fab something up but don't know if it would be worth it. Gen Y also makes a stabilizer pin that I utilize.

I have my Gen Y hitch also on the rise position just to level the tow bars with the tow vehicle since my tow vehicle is also lifted 3 inches and on 33 in tires. I use a Roadmaster Tow Bar which recommends certain heights to tow. Doesn't have to be completely parallel, but with a certain 8 inches or something, I would have to check my documentation in my RV.

I am going away for the weekend and will be setting up my RV and tow vehicle on Friday. I'll try and get some pictures then. BTW, the GEN Y hitch is really heavy. If you have back issues or anything, be mindful of that. lol. It's very stout and made in America.

Thanks everyone! (sw20td06 in particular... who sent me a few exceptionally helpful photos.) I took the advice of many of you and ordered the Gen-Y hitch. Still won't see it for 3-8 days, though, so still having to do some guesswork.

sw20 provided an option that would most likely work, but my math indicates the Velocirax 4(12) has even better odds (and will be easier to use... for all but my pocketbook). The Swagman 4RV only extends a bit more than 34" from the hitch pin, which is great (probably works), but even the smallest bike we have is 60" from front to rear (not the wheelbase, but total length to consider if pushed against a wall).

The Velocirax 412 is only 49" wide, but with the vertical hanging, and biggest tire being 29", I'm estimating about 42" from the hitch pin (can't be sure yet). But that would be a center bike with the 24" tires on one end and a 27 inch tire on the other end. Best I can tell, this gives me clearance on both sides.

My geometry is a little rusty, but I'm decent at math, and calculate that this probably works fine with the Gen-Y hitch on its way and the coach not showing up for about 13 hours or so (according to the delivery driver coming from across the country). :)

I'll chime in once I know for sure, so others can hopefully benefit, but I "think" this will work. The ALTA rack was also a good option, but I never got a call back and thus was left guessing on some things.

Truly appreciate the input from everyone! All of it really helps. Just sold the Swagman 4XTC (brand new locally) as I realized it wouldn't work, so hopefully one of these two solutions work. Just running out of time to make it work (without destroying my shoulder over the next several months), so really am thankful for all the input of all of you to help me out.

When I have confirmation of success or failure, I'll update. As noobs, we are cognizant that we simply don't know a lot of things we don't even know yet, so appreciate all your help! You can rest assured that I have a ton more stupid questions to come. :)

(As a total aside, was thrilled that the TravelData device showed up after being out of stock... but it doesn't power up when plugged in, so that's another problem to figure out on limited time... There's always something else to troubleshoot and figure out, I assume.) :facepalm:

Hoovis 09-25-2021 05:18 AM

Just an FYI, I figured out a solution, at least for me... in case it helps anyone:

Hpozzuoli 09-25-2021 06:32 AM

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Yep I do it occasionally. I added 2 extra receivers and can tow with the center one and stick bike racks in the other 2. I added the receivers so I could install tow hooks if I ever got stuck then realized I could stick stuff in them and get use out of them. I keep the blue ox out as far as possible to avoid any rubbing. Works perfectly.


Originally Posted by Hoovis (Post 5892626)
Bumping again as I'm running into timing problems. Has anyone successfully found a way to haul 4 bikes behind a Class A while also flat towing a lifted Jeep by the D-rings? I'm trying to figure out a way, and I've seen some that seem to have done it, but I don't have a lot of time to figure it out, so hoping someone can help me out. There must be a way, but I only have a couple weeks to figure it out before I need to leave "mom and dad's bikes" behind. Any help is much appreciated!

Looking to find way that gets 4 bikes between the back of a Class A and still gives clearance on tight turns for a flat towed vehicle. I assume I'm not the only one who wants to do this, so please help if you know of a way. I think the bike rack I bought extends too close and will make contact with the front of the Jeep on tight turns. Maybe a bike rack that hangs all bikes vertically? Not sure.

Any help is highly appreciated, as I can't find any info. Thanks!

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