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THE ALAMO 07-22-2021 05:47 AM

No power anywhere but chassis.
Wiring schematics for 1997 holiday rambler imperial 40 ft for the house system any ideas?
What runs off the chassis and what supposed to run off the house batteries would be a good start.
Don't think my bi directional relay delay is working.
BenchTested the battery isolater it seems to be clicking nice when 12 bolts hits it. House 6 volt batteries (4) are dead.. charged 2 of the four and out them back in and they died again... at that moment after I installed them things were looking up for a spell then they ended up dead again...deka 6 volts.
Does the inverter run off the house right?
I smacked the inverter and it sounded like it was trying to do something irraticlly but it was sounding a touch louder than normal when the 2 6 volts were reinstalled. The remote monitor in the house does not work ....
7500 watt onan fired right up but no power.

okcnewbie 07-22-2021 06:43 AM

Just to clarify. When you charged the two house batteries and installed them did you have lights, etc? I'm just trying to figure out if your house power is making it past the cutoff and out of the battery bay.

YC1 07-22-2021 08:14 AM

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Time to break out a voltmeter.

Batteries are the heartbeat of the RV and until you get the heart running properly there is no reason to start guessing about bi-directional relays and other systems.

Smacking the inverter is not a great idea at this point without getting those measurements.

The charger should come on when connected to shoreline or generator. A voltmeter in the DC range across the batteries will tell you instantly if the charger is putting out anything. You should look for 13.5 up to 14. If anything lower, you must check the output right at the charger. Lots of things inline that could be causing issues.

Dead batteries can take overnight if they come alive at all and bad batteries may die quickly even after charging for hours.

wolfe10 07-22-2021 08:18 AM

A smart inverter/charger will NOT try to charge a deeply discharged battery. You will need to jump it or connect a "stupid" charger to get voltage up to where the smart charger will take over.

And, yes, the inverter/charger is connected to the HOUSE battery bank.

vito.a 07-23-2021 12:18 PM

It could be a s simple as the 6 volt house batteries are worn out and not holding a charge, or the main house master disconnect is off.
This may be compounded by the bi-directional battery relay not working to keep the house and chassis batteries charged.

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