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MRRR06 07-22-2021 04:32 PM

Wiring issue 06 Camelot PDQ
Does anyone have a wiring schematic for 2006 monaco camalot pdq,a pdf or copy would help

YC1 07-23-2021 07:11 AM

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Welcome to the forum. Here is one for a 2006 Endeavor which will be a close match.

What issues are you having? This group is a vast resource of knowledge.

MRRR06 07-24-2021 07:03 AM

loosing dc power
The coach looses power to all of drive train,chassis componets.I've been driving and loose all power,pulled to side of road and you hear power come back on start up and go,had to shut off to get propane filled and all power was off when i went to start,switched the chassis main switch off and on,power came back,also died when i was at the dump station,idling,power shut off and came back on in 30 second on its own,issue happened last at an rv repair shop after idropped off,sat over night,would not start in the am,the tech asked for schematic,so im on a serch mission for that. 06 Monaco Camalot 40 pdq any help would be nice.

YC1 07-24-2021 07:51 AM!Aqrv2TUdbV6xjlJH...EgJXM?e=2fwt4S

The first link is to the thread long ago. The second link is to several files on the Jiffy Splices.

Take a picture of the front run bay. There is probably a large box and a small box below the driver in the outside bay.

The little box has two sources of power that reach it. One from the chassis batteries and one from the engine batteries.

Tighten all of the connection on the large nuts that you see in there. Clean and tighten everything in the battery compartment.

IF it is possible to get a voltage measurement or two when it acts up you can sort it quickly but you need that schematic of course. Did the one I posted help?

I have a ton of files and schematics for several years that you could download.

There was a few problems with some "chassis splices" in the early 2005-8 year ranges

They build the main harness and then add whatever model is being built to each end.

The battery cables are spliced near the rear of the coach and up front. These splices have had issues. I believe I was having some of your symptoms but not as severe many years ago.

Chasing those things down was difficult but I took them apart and made sure they were clean and tight and then ran copper wire stripped of insulation around the connectors and to the wire at their ends. I soldered this. Hard to explain but they will never give e a problem for sure.

I will find the pictures and hopefully the reference to the splices.

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