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Albatross 07-23-2021 01:38 AM

Monaco Covina Cargo Bay Dimensions
I am installing an inverter in the cargo bay and looking to get a few dimensions. I, unfortunately, do not have access to the coach for a few weeks and would love a little help if there are any Covina owners available.

At the moment, I am seeking two dimensions for the cargo bay just left when walking towards the coach front door:
1) The height of the bay interior (how big of an object could fit in the bay vertically)
2) The width of the bay interior (how big of an object could fit in the bay horizontally)

Note that the dimensions are for the interior of the bay and *not* for the slightly smaller entrance into the bay (the black perimeter ring around the entrance).

Thanks in advance for your help!

Albatross 07-23-2021 01:55 AM

This the Cargo Bay of Interest
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Here is a picture of the specific cargo bay from the Covina brochure.

Albatross 07-23-2021 07:25 PM

Still trying to chase down the cargo bay dimensions. Any feedback would be much appreciated. The Covina is a 24 foot long Sprinter-based Class C motorhome. Thanks!

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