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wmcrinc 07-23-2021 06:18 PM

Refrigerator not cool on LP - RESOLVED
On my last 5 day short trip I noticed that upon arrival after 4-5 hours on the road, the cooling fins in the refrigerator had defrosted from the previous night plugged into shore power. I just figured it was because it was particularly hot while traveling. After arriving home and unloading the fridge I decided to run a test and turned the fridge on LP to check it's cooling rate. It did not cool at all, and 4 hours later I had the "n" trouble code on the Norcold display panel. Over the next 2 days I did some trouble shooting and found that on A/C it worked fine but LP would always end in the n trouble code. After spending hours searching blogs and websites what I found was that even though I had a perfect looking blue flame it wasn't hot enough to make it cold (that sounds strange every time I say it). What tipped me off was one blog post stated that you should be able to HEAR the flame. I ordered a new burner rather than try an iffy cleaning job... cheap enough... and also a burner tube that got destroyed removing from the burner, installed it in about 15 minutes and lit it up. I immediately heard the flame. Within an hour the freezer was cold and the bottom compartment was cooling down. During the whole process of fact finding I was reading about time for a new fridge, household, DC, Norcold, Dometic, replacing cooling unit, factory new, rebuilt, Amish... UGH!!! So FWIW here is my story on my refrigerator problem resolved. Hope it helps someone else someday.

jacwjames 07-23-2021 06:31 PM

Glad you got it fixed.

I babied my Norcold for the first 10 years we had the coach, it never really performed great. If finally crapped out a couple years ago and I replaced with a Samsung. As of now I am really pleased, been in +100F in Wyo and the Samsung didn't miss a beat. I would have been throwing food away with the Norcold.

Teamfoxy 07-24-2021 07:19 AM

We had a similar issue with the Norcold in our last motorhome (12 years old) and replaced the burner. Why the use aluminum tube with brass end fittings for the gas supply is beyond me. The present coach has a Dometic that we have had no issues with at all.

ArtJoyce 07-24-2021 09:05 AM

If I can smell the fridge exhaust. I clean the burner and soak the orifice in denatured alcohol. I noticed throughout the years, smell is the first thing I notice that the burner is starting to get dirty.

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