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DSL417 07-23-2021 06:11 PM

Step Up The Pressure
Just answer the simple question with a yes or no…would you buy a new Entegra product on a Spartan chassis?

No narrative, just yes or no!

Maybe a hundred or a thousand “no” would put a dollar sign to manufacturers and dealers!

DSL417 07-23-2021 06:12 PM


Petek 07-23-2021 06:30 PM

We were about to order a 22 cornerstone to replace our 17 but because of this DEF problem and lack of action on Spartans part decided to hold off and possibly look at other brands not having the problem.

Archer2 07-23-2021 06:46 PM


schad 07-23-2021 08:37 PM

Yes, although I feel a bit like I’m backing Betamax over VHS sometimes. Technically superior product doomed by mismanagement.

ByeTheWay 07-23-2021 08:45 PM


WDW 07-23-2021 08:58 PM


R.Wold 07-23-2021 09:07 PM


R.Wold 07-23-2021 09:09 PM

also NO

Steve43 07-23-2021 10:25 PM


DSL417 07-23-2021 10:56 PM

100 no says around fifty million…maybe that get’s their attention!

mymyst 07-24-2021 07:48 AM

No! And that is after seriously considering it several times over the last year or so....I just couldn't do another one after all the problems we've had to fight through with this one, coupled with all the current issues on the new ones being produced....quality out the door has not improved.

Ricci 07-24-2021 07:55 AM

Absolutely yes.

Jerry0312 07-24-2021 11:21 AM

I would have upgraded in 2018 if Entegra had an 44B in Freightliner instead of Spartan. I will never own another Spartan anything. So put me down with a HARD NO!

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