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K7JV 07-24-2021 06:55 PM

Furrion RV 3-Burner Cooktop and Oven - Oven Lighting
Good evening, from SW Idaho. We have a 2021 Entegra Esteem 27U with the Furrion RV 3-Burner Cooktop and Oven. We are able to reliably light any of the surface burners, but lighting the oven is a nightmare!

We can easily "fire" the igniter several dozen times with no joy. We've tried slight variations in how we turn and/or hold in the oven control knob as we fire the igniter. There have been a couple of times where we actually gave up and opted to microwave what we wanted to cook.

The owners manual has a troubleshooting page, but it all applies only to the surface burners. If you have experienced this problem and found a cure to make it work right, I would love to hear from you!!! We do see the spark at the back of the burner each time the igniter fires, but no joy on the pilot flame igniting.

The igniter works on the oven and all burners and is visible in the oven.
We have gas, most likely at a usable pressure, as all three burners operate well.
The unit is essentially new, with less than an hour of operation on the oven.

Thank you for any insights into how to get it to light more reliably.

rtaggio 07-24-2021 08:29 PM

Oven lighting is different than stove top as instead of lighting the whole burner you are just lighting a pilot light. To light, press and hold the knob in the "light" position for at least 15 seconds (don't panic you won't blow up) before attempting to light it as it is electronically controlled and only opens after the electrode heats up, it should light easily. Once the pilot is lit then you can turn the temperature to whatever you like and you can see the burner light.

K7JV 07-24-2021 08:44 PM

The manual does talk about holding it in for some time to allow the thermocouple to warm up. But I think that is AFTER the pilot light is ignited and burning. We can't get the pilot flame to ignite and burn, so there isn't any heat to warm the electrode other than the heat from the repeated sparks. Dang!

I will give it a try, again, though, in case we aren't seeing the pilot light and giving up too quickly. Thank you for your help, and I'll cross my fingers.

Old-Biscuit 07-24-2021 09:25 PM

Can not get pilot flame to light via sparker.....
Holding oven knob in allows propane to flow from controller to pilot
Either controller is not allowing gas to flow thru pilot tube or pilot orifice is clogged

Turn knob to 'pilot position' push in and HOLD
Hold for 30 seconds or more...then using a BBQ Lighter see if you can get pilot flame to light off (not going to blow up as pilot flow is very limited)

IF it lights off....then flow is good
Ignitor may be out of position...too far away/even too close

IF it does NOT light off then will need to remove assembly and clean pilot poking anything thru it just soak in alcohol
Retry using BBQ Lighter

Still not lighting off...then need to check if controller is allowing gas flow thru pilot tubing (crack pilot tube fitting....turn knob and push in/check for gas from fitting)
***But then again I am comfortable working with propane!!

Furrion does NOT make it easy to find ANY Parts List

K7JV 07-25-2021 07:40 AM

Thank you, Old Biscuit. Great things to try. We've had gas ranges many times, as well as in our own home. But we've never had a gas oven. I understand pilot lights and thermocouples, as we've had gas furnaces many times over the years. You gave me some good leads. We won't be back in the rig now for probably a couple or three weeks, so I won't be able to test your suggestions, but we will surely take a BBQ lighter with us.

Again, thank you much!

carybosse 07-26-2021 08:25 AM

My old (2021 Forest River) had a gas stove and oven. Stove had an igniter, the oven required a match - well a long lighter.

One thing I would always do was make sure the stove would light before I messed with the oven, that way I knew I had bled the air out of the line and would have propane to the oven.

My soon to be 2021 Forest River, same exact model, has several improvements, including an igniter on the oven. Guess I need to bookmark this page.

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