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Archer2 07-25-2021 10:53 AM

Comments from the guy who was mentioned in the RV Travel
Here are some comments from the guy in the article about his interactions with the very top level executives at Cummins. If it’s accurate! And I have no reason to doubt him, then the utter callousness of Cummins management makes my blood boil. To be perfectly clear, I’m not the guy. These are not my comments, I’m just posting it here because it’s a topic of intense interest to me and my fellow RV’ers. Anyway, here’s his story:

“This article about sums it up. They wouldn’t even bother to ask.

They could do it but they won’t do it. They never gave a reason. They w**ouldn’t even bother to ask the EPA for a waiver.

Even when I told them I was de-rated and fearful I would get rear ended by a semi, to please ask the EPA for a waiver before one of the nice people I meet all the time at RV parks gets hurt, they wouldn’t even bother to ask.

While I was scrambling to figure out where to stay, how to keep my family cool in the heat, how to save my frozen food, how was I going to vacate my RV and get home, they wouldn’t even bother to ask.

While I was explaining to my wife and daughter that the terms “de-rate” and “DEF sensor” meant that we would not be able to continue our trip to see my active duty military son back from an extended middle east deployment, they wouldn’t even bother to ask.

When I made the case for waiver in multiple deeply technical emails that discussed both hardware design problems and potential software solutions that only Cummins could implement, they wouldn’t even bother to ask.

Even after I told them I had spoken to the EPA, gave them the approval authorities name and made sure there were no big obstacles for them to ask for a waiver, they wouldn’t even bother to ask.

If you are a trucker, and that’s one of your trucks that I see lined up at International waiting for DEF parts, the same truck that you use to make a living to feed your family I want YOU to know they wouldn’t even bother to ask.

If they hear from one of you or ten of you nothing will happen. If they hear from hundreds of affected users over and over and over there is still a chance for them to turn their tone deaf decision around. That means emailing and calling each and every day until all of us are safely back on the road. It starts by Cummins asking the EPA for a waiver.

Please send to your friends on other RV boards and if you know of anyone affected in the trucking industry send it to them as well. If their flawed decision goes viral, there is a chance they will at least ask. Same thing I told them. Please just ask.

We are not out of the woods yet as of Friday there are still no committed supply of parts.

I’m going to add one more thing to motivate everyone to participate. While we were de-rated, plans cancelled, scrambling to get home and waiting for parts let’s have a look at what they were doing.

Not sitting stranded.

First and foremost, “They” are not Cummins. “They” are the following people:

.CEO Linebarger annual compensation 2020: $17,291,581. That’s 17 million dollars – Annually. That’s every year except the year before was 25 million. No, I can’t make this up.

For every day you are de-rated, and Mr. Linebarger fails to ask the EPA for a waiver so that you can keep moving he makes about $50,000 dollars. Every day. Every single day of the year.

CFO Smith annual compensation 2020: $4,000,096 That’s 4 Million dollars.

V. Chair Satterwaite annual compensation 2020: $4,607.396. That’s 4 million dollars.

Here is how the Compensation Committee of the board of Cummins justified Mr. Satterwaites bonus in 2020: “Continued to work with OEM and end user customers to deliver value through improved product quality and performance, responsive delivery and excellent product support. (Emphasis added).

Ms. Rumsey is new to her job, no compensation data yet, but she ran engineering and should know better.

And finally, the ultimate indignity. It is also entirely possible that they just flew right over you on their way to meet their families while you were stuck in an International parking lot.

“Our officers, including our Named Executive Officers, may use our aircraft for reasonable personal use….” (Emphasis added).


But now you know: They. Wouldn’t. Even. Bother. To. Ask.

Just think about that…”

bdpreece 07-25-2021 11:21 AM

What the poster fails to acknowledge is Cummins and it's management are following the letter of the law. The EPA passed these laws and enforces them. Only when customers refuse to purchase new units will cummins possibly address the problems. Just think if you were a commercial driver and had to rely on these engines to make your living. Think I will be driving the wheels off my 13 year old coach before I will order a new one.

Archer2 07-25-2021 11:51 AM

I happen to know that a very senior EPA official is aware of the situation and has expressed being open to considering a waiver BUT the EPA Administrative Rules, which are actual laws passed by Congress, not the EPA, require that the “Certificate Holder” (that’s Cummins) has to ASK for a waiver. The EPA cannot grant waivers proactively outside of its statutory Procedures.

Newmar2856 07-25-2021 12:01 PM

Comments from the guy who was mentioned in the RV Travel
The EPA doesnít take into account the safety risks to owners that derate and end up stuck on the side of the highway. Iíve been stuck on the side of the highway while trucks and cars blew by me at 70+ miles per hour. I got my family a couple hundred feet into a field while I sat on top of my engine getting rocked back and forth hoping people were paying attention and they werenít going to plow into the back of our rig. I hope to never be in that situation again.

There isnít any valid reason the rule canít be changed giving someone a reasonable amount of miles, 500 or so, on a count down timer allowing them to get home or to a service center safely and Cummins should care enough to ask.

Archer2 07-25-2021 12:11 PM

Forgot to add the link to the RVTRAVEL.COM article

Spk64 07-25-2021 01:36 PM

Being discussed here.

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