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George Miklas 07-26-2021 11:13 PM

Would you?
Not my photos, but this was seen in a Virginia State Park.


LargeMarge 07-27-2021 12:26 AM

If I was me, I think two hearses... with a tarp or roomed tent between.
Side-by-side or tuchus-to-tuchus.

jrollf 07-27-2021 07:42 AM

Well... there is already a built in spot to lie in rest [emoji1787]

George Miklas 07-27-2021 09:43 AM

Here's another!
Here's another!

Read about it click here

PDR John 07-27-2021 09:47 AM

I've stayed in worse. I would have no problems with it.

Mudfrog 07-27-2021 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by jrollf (Post 5848141)
Well... there is already a built in spot to lie in rest [emoji1787]

With plenty of room to stretch out and get comfortable! :D

MSHappyCampers 07-27-2021 12:02 PM

Uh uh! Not me! :nonono:

Dutch Star Don 07-27-2021 01:09 PM

Someday.....but not now.....oh wait, we're being cremated!:facepalm:

deandec 07-27-2021 01:34 PM

People were just dying to get in there! :D

SLOweather 07-27-2021 01:34 PM

Back in the 70s I had an ambulance I camped in...

Dakotah 07-27-2021 05:08 PM

Looks like a great way to meet the ladies if you are a single guy. Lol.

RetiredbutWorking 07-27-2021 05:17 PM

No to the hearse, yes to an ambulance converter to camper.

TonyDi 07-27-2021 05:25 PM

Nope. I donít think so.

scbwr 07-27-2021 05:26 PM

Just another case of creative repurposing! After all, it was designed for the passive lifestyle!!:o

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