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jerryd13 07-28-2021 06:35 AM

DEF, Sensors, Doser Pump, Level Controls
Friends, we who own Motor Homes that have a DEF System must do a better job in accurately explaining any problems you incur with the DEF system.

When you have a DEF sensor problem, STATE THE SPECIFIC SENSOR OR OTHER COMPONENT ACCURATELY, This will uncover the weak system components and help find solutions. For example,
  • NOX Sensor failure, Inlet or Outlet
  • Temperature Sensor failure, be specific
  • Inlet or outlet Differential Exhaust gas pressure sensor failure
  • DEF Fluid Level Sensor inside def tank failure
  • DEF Injector valve or element failure
  • DEF Doser Pump failure
  • DEF Fluid Quality issue - we can control this ourselves
  • List CODE number displayed
  • Other issue ?
If we all do this a bit more scientifically, a likely technical weakness may be indicated that will lead to a final solution. Of course, we also need our EPA and legislators to be called, e mailed to seek a automatic override for a reasonable time, 30-60 days, after getting a serious alarm, before de rating the Motor Home speed to 5 MPH.

Massparanoia 08-03-2021 08:18 PM

The EPA isn't going to give any ground, because all of this is the EPA's baby.

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