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Rick Ward 07-29-2021 08:43 PM

Kelly Springfield tires
Can I get opinions on Kelly Springfield tires?
We are buying our first MH. Itís a 2005 Fleetwood Terra 32 with the original tires on it. Thereís no cracking or other problems I can see, but I want to replace them due to their age.
The dealer Iím buying it from can get me a set of KS, for $1200. Should I do it or wait until I take possession and get something different. Please no comments about how he should replace them at no cost. Itís a done deal. Iím just waiting for them to finish fixing a few things.

153stars 07-30-2021 09:31 AM

You can get 6 name brand tires put on for $1200 sounds hard to beat as long as they match specs.

Sweetbriar 07-30-2021 11:48 AM

Had a set of 245/70R x 19.5 KSRs on the coach from April 2011 until March 2020 with 53,000 miles on them. Kept them covered when at home and no Armor All or other such products ever used. Bucket and brush mild soap when I did clean them. 85 PSI inflation to match GAWR plus extra for variables. No strange tread wear patterns, no sidewall cracking or other such age related degrading of the tire. No complaints but I drove the new to me, first ever Class A I owned, home back in April 2011 so I don't have much to compare with other than my daily driver which isn't a comparison.

Replaced them with a set Uniroyal RS20. Ride is about the same. Sold the Kelly's on Craig's List to a guy with a flat bed wrecker for $75 each. The tires cost me $289.23 each installed back in 2011.

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