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Jtrving 07-31-2021 03:21 PM

Questions about upgrading to KONI shocks on Spartan K3
Headed to Spartan next month and scheduled to have the front shocks upgraded to Koniís. I have the 46mm standard Bilsteins on there now. I would like to upgrade to the 60mm Konis. Has anyone done this and had any problems (going from 46 to

Would you also consider doing the rears? Our chassis is almost 4 years old with 22k miles.


flyboy013 07-31-2021 03:47 PM

Following ...

I have the exact same coach and have also been considering upgrading the front (and if I like them - the rear) to the Koni 60mm. I talked to Spartan about it last week. They didn't recommend it, but not for technical reasons. He said they have reached out to Koni about including their shocks on the K3 (and possibly others) but Koni wasn't interested in working with them, thus they are not an authorized OEM for the shocks.

I don't have the front porpising that others have had (I think primarily K2) but the bridge joints can be very harsh at times.

tom chelbana 07-31-2021 08:16 PM

2 years ago we put 60mm Bilsteins which were standard on KA in 18 which is what our LA is which had 44mm Bilsteins. What a difference and I see now since at least 2020 that is what Spartan is using on the K-3 chassis. We were sometimes bottoming out on big dips on the highway. Also added Motion Control Valves at the same time which slow the transfer of air in and and out of the air bags which we had done our our previous Essex which came us a better ride on curves and going in and out of driveways.
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