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fladou246 08-02-2021 03:47 PM

Jack down light not turning off
My jacks stop working recently so I changed the jack motor and everything works again!

Next issue is that my "jacks down" light wont go off unless I unplug the pressure switch. I removed and disassembled the Nason pressure switch and it seems to bench test fine. It is normally closed and opens when I press the internal button. after reassembly it remains "closed" can't bench test further than that, (hard to reproduce 2075psi). But reinstalled, after the first run, it remains closed. Not sure if the switch is sticking or I'm not building enough pressure in the valve body. Jacks go up just fine and you can hear the pump change tone when fully retracted.

Thank you so much!!

153stars 08-02-2021 06:10 PM

Usually there are either individual switches at each jack or more common a level float switch in reservoir . I guess I could see high pressure showing that a jack is still supporting coach or its looking for every cylinder dead head up/retract position thus tripping pressure switch. One possibility the main pressure relief valve is bleeding off not letting it build set pressure but will still level coach thus far. Have you lifted coach much yet with jacks. Also maybe you should run several cycles up and down to purge air and or follow instructions to make sure they are bled.
I am assuming there are two hoses to each cylinder correct?

NXR 08-02-2021 06:53 PM

It would help if we knew what year, make, and model of coach you have and the make and model of jacks. From your mention of the 2,075 PSI pressure switch it sounds like maybe a Lippert? My "Jacks Down" light goes on when the pressure on the retract side drops to 2,150 PSI, which is pretty close to what you wrote.


jrsmustang 08-03-2021 08:13 PM

Had same problem with Lippert jacks (motor failure). Rebuilt motor and all was well except "Jacks Down" light stayed on. I learned (from youtube) there are various ways to clear the control memory. In my case I had to activate the control panel on; press "Front" button 5 times followed by pressing "Bottom" button 5 times; turn ignition off to kill power to control panel; ignition back on and control panel back on; "Jacks Down" light cleared successfully. Sounds kinda hokey, but this one worked for me. I found various notes on YT on how to "clear" the control panel. Good Luck

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