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computerguy 08-03-2021 09:02 AM

Coburg service center?
I have been to Decatur and was happy with their service and process.
My dash AC issue is still there and I am going to be near Coburg so I thought I would book there.
I searched and found good comments about Coburg but wanted to just double check on recent visits there. Any recent visits and comments regarding that are requested.

Also, Any ideas how busy the hookup spots will be in the first week of October would be appreciated.
Also have 2 recalls to address so they added them to the list of things to look at.

Elwood58 08-03-2021 10:03 AM

Fall gets pretty busy there. I never hear people complain about overnight space though.

RRR 08-03-2021 10:41 AM

I have posted about their service, or should I say lack of service before. I was not impressed.

First off "If you call I will call you back." Still waiting for three return phone calls. Nothing pisses me off quicker than un-returned calls and ignored e-mails. One of the calls was 30 minuets (or less) up the road when I discovered one of the botched repairs. I would have turned around but I was under time restraints. While I acknowledge it was getting close to quitting time for them, I would have expected a return call the next morning since it involved a repair.

Out of the four repairs they screwed up two of them, and I have serious doubts about the one major one. One still exist and I deal with it but one of these days it will bite me. And the one I called about works, sort of. In other words they are about like a dealer.

Unfortunately for me I'll likely be going back this fall or winter. At least they are only about 100 miles from me.

Now that my rant is over I was there in November (?) and the hook up sites appeared to be full or nearly so. There was what I thought to be some dry sites.

Good luck!

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