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pameridan04 08-03-2021 04:42 PM

New Pandemic Tiffin Red 2021 RED AA
Hi Guys:

Well my new 2021 Tiffin 33 AA arrived from Red Bay on Monday yesterday. My salesman was off today so I just swung by for a quick look see. He told me that the coach has not been gone over by service yet and it is just the way it arrived from Tiffin.

I was anxious to see just how good or bad, a new coach arrived, especially being built during pandemic times, and driving almost 1000 miles to the dealer destination.

I didn't get a chance to test drive it because my salesman wasn't there. But the wife and I spent over 2.5 hrs going over the paint finish, the wood work, the tile work, all lower bay doors, working all the shades, testing cabinets and making sure ALL the options we ordered were there.

We opted for the dark Mocha cabinets with the white Articulo white floor heated tile floor tile. We did the one in urban putty back splash and Cocoon color Ultra Leather. The interior is very striking. The outside coach color is Rustic Canyon.

Remember we were looking at just the finish and fit and some function of the interior and exterior.

1. The front lower bay door has to be adjusted, a little off.
2. About a one inch rip in wall paper near driver window.
3. Two loose USB ports.
4. Couple pulls in fabric in one kitchen chair.
5. Rubber gasket sticking a bit on DS slide out.

Duhhhh that was it. Things we special ordered, queen size bed, heated floors, three solar panels, Girard Awnings, stacked washer & dryer, wifi ranger, exterior slide out tray and more are all there and accounted for.

Remember I did not power the slides, or test drive the coach. All the remotes and other stuff is still in boxes in the bays of the coach.

Really like the interior color combination. Tiffin discontinued the Mocha color cabinets in 2021. Don't know why they did but I really like them. The new breakfast bar with the Televator is a hoot.

I had a 2019 Open Road Tiffin 32SA that was loaded. Something to note. My 32SA had Flexsteel furniture. It was nice, but the new coach ultra leather furniture seems to be a better quality. I don't know who is making it. It is heavier and thicker than my old coach. The driver and Passenger seats are head and shoulders better than my old units. You notice the difference as soon as you sit in them. The movable recliner is solid, and it is heavy to move, a good thing.

Well that's about it for now. When I do the full PDI I will let you know how I make out.


PAM aka Jim P.

Jerryss2 08-05-2021 12:40 PM


Check the dryer exhaust. Ours didn’t have a hose connected.
Also check the shower for leaks. Take a couple long showers ��

pameridan04 08-05-2021 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by Jerryss2 (Post 5861498)

Check the dryer exhaust. Ours didnít have a hose connected.
Also check the shower for leaks. Take a couple long showers ��

Hi Jerry

I will do that, never even thought of the dryer exhaust hose connection. I am sure I am going to find more needed fixes once I start running the coach.

I am interested to see how the new tank less hot water works.

Jim P.

Jerryss2 08-05-2021 02:22 PM

It works great. Always plenty of hot water ( it takes a minute to reach the tap)

Iíve heard that in 22 they adding the recirculating pump (cold water is reused until it reaches temperature)

momdoc 08-05-2021 08:27 PM

Congrats on the rig. Most Tiffins (ours included) have very few major problems.

Good luck with the rig.

RichdlP 08-05-2021 08:53 PM

Thanks again Jim for keeping us all informed. Living vicariously through you while we wait so looking forward to your next report.

pameridan04 08-07-2021 01:21 PM

I am heading back down to my dealer on the 10th of August to get the Jeep set up for Airforce 1. Since they are over two hrs from home I am going to try and play with the coach while I wait.

The killer is my salesman is on vacation and not coming back until the 16th. So my scheduled PDI is on the 18th. I don't want to involve another salesman because that would cause him to have a split commission. Trust me I know how that goes, I was in commercial corporate executive sales for over 30 years. That is surely something I don't miss lol.

Talked to my buddy who has a 2021 Bus 45OPP on order from a dealer in Louisiana, still no word on delivery. They ordered their coach before mine.

I would luv to check out the new 2022 Tiffin Bus 35CP. When the wife and I decided to pull the trigger for a new coach this year, there was absolutely no inventory to go and see. All the RV shows were cancelled because of Covid 19. I wanted a new Diesel Pusher and we were in the 33 RED at a Tiffin rally before Covid 19 hit, in West Virginia.

The limiting factor for me is the length of the coach. I have a very steep and long paved driveway. Probably an 8% grade the first 40 ft, then it goes up to a 12% grade in the middle, total of about 220 yards long. Then I have about 6500 sq ft of black top in front of house and Gun Shop. I feel anything longer than 35 to 36 ft. may bottom out the rear end going up.

I rolled the dice, I think, hoping like hell, the Red 33 AA makes it up..!!!:facepalm:

Jim P.

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