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carriemay 08-03-2021 05:12 PM

Clearance lights
We have an 04 Bounder 39z. Now have 100k on the clock and have learned to live with and/or fix it's minor issues.:dance:
One that has managed to evade me is the clearance lights.:banghead: They are completely dead and I cannot find even the source for their power (hell, if I could find their lead up to the front lites I would wire in a separate switch for them. Can anybody help direct me to where their wiring runs? Or if you have won the battle with them , hod did ya dooo it??

RichKimball 08-04-2021 07:50 AM

Okay....not saying this is your fix...but on my 2000 39Z I lost clearance (running) lights. I was coincidentally having dash a/c issues at idle and slow speed.

Turns out my dash a/c condenser fan under the coach was bad and had blown the fuse. I unhooked the fan and replaced the fuse. My running lights came back. I's weird...but that's what happened to me.

Best of luck.

carriemay 08-05-2021 04:54 AM

Hmmmm, thanks. I did replace the condenser a couple months ago, but though it had stopped working, it did not blow a fuse and unfortunately the clearance lights still are dark.
I can not even tell what wires feed them thru the relay that I hear click when I run the manual switch on and off

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