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MSHappyCampers 08-05-2021 10:30 AM

It finally happened!
Yup, it finally happened! Someone reinvented the wheel!

Craig1960 08-05-2021 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by MSHappyCampers (Post 5861341)
Yup, it finally happened! Someone reinvented the wheel!

They have actually ben around for awhile on construction equipment. We had them on telehandlers and skid steers for a few years when I was an equipment manager.
They are good but makes for a rough ride and any kind of speed.

HarryStone 08-05-2021 02:22 PM

Yep. Saw those being prototyped for on road use over 10 years ago. Great idea, but I guess not very practical/cheap enough for cars.

Persistent 08-05-2021 02:32 PM

Good enough for Mars Rovers!

MSHappyCampers 08-05-2021 05:18 PM

I think the main use will be for military vehicles! :thumb::D

Ray,IN 08-07-2021 01:27 PM

Any speed with them can be boneshaking, just get mud (or a few rocks) in the spokes and game over.

AveryF 08-07-2021 02:28 PM

That type of wheel has been available on several models of John Deere zero turn mowers for quite a while. A friend of mine bought one four or five years ago and said they made for an extremely harsh ride, even by mower standards. He ended up replacing his with standard pneumatic tires after only a year or so.

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