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Judy 6654 08-05-2021 03:48 PM

New Member shout out
Hey all, I just signed up and I am still fumbling around the website but we are happy to be members. Time for retirement and getting on the road. Let's see... We have been part-time vacationers so we have rookie experience with the lifestyle. We know there is a lot to learn and this seems to be a great group to answer our questions and share our experiences.

Be happy, healthy and safe

Lou and Judy Mifflin

MSHappyCampers 08-05-2021 05:16 PM

Hi Lou & Judy! Welcome to IRV2! We're sure glad you joined us! :dance:

Good luck, happy trails, and God bless! :thumb::D

momdoc 08-05-2021 08:03 PM

Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the new lifestyle. It takes a bit of time to make the adjustment from vacation mode to full time living mode. Go slow and enjoy the roses.

You are joining a good group of friends here with a great information to share. Read the various threads here and ask questions as they come up or add information if you can.

Good luck and enjoy the adventure!

TonyDi 08-05-2021 09:06 PM


Nice to have you here with us.

Browse the forums and ask questions and let us know what we can do to help you.

PABO05 08-05-2021 09:28 PM


Congrats on your upcoming retirement.

You are going to enjoy it.:dance:

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