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Jschovaers 08-06-2021 08:07 AM

Leveling rod 2002 Newmar Dutch Star Spartan

My rear air ride leveling rod broke and drug down the road. I got a new one but itís a universal one and since the old one was dragging on the payment I have no idea how long itís supposed to be. Can anyone offer info on where to
Find it or know the specs?

Thank you,

RKins 08-06-2021 09:03 AM

Yeah I get it. Here is a pic of the leaky valve and the linkages used

And when I ordered the replacement, this is what came in

What I ended up using was the loop from the original and the rod from the new

The length of the rod depends on where/how the rod ties into the connector that grabs the loop rod.
The valve on the opposite side of the coach was totally different, would have been interesting had I needed to replace that one.

mackwrench 08-06-2021 12:26 PM

The length of the rod is set once the correct ride height is established.
Depending on the model of you Spartan chassis, the spec on a mountian master around that year is 8.5 inches from the bottom of the frame rail to the center of the rear axle housing. BUT you'll need to verify what your chassis spec is.
You'll manually adjust the valve, then adjust/fix the linkage at that height.

This ride height measurement / adjustment is critical to the driveline, rear transmission bearing and rear differential bearing as a misadusted height will couse a vibration and cause damage is short order.....

Ray,IN 08-06-2021 09:09 PM

Exercise great caution when setting ride height! It is easy to let the air out of the springs and crush body parts or yourself. Use cribbing under frame for safety.
Assuming your chassis is a Spartan MM GT chassis with Reyco-Granning front and rear sections, the front is set so the distance between shock bolts/mounts is 16 and 1/8"
The rear suspension ride height is only found in the Spartan chassis manual and I cannot locate mine tonight.

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