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dirty12 09-11-2021 12:11 PM

Electrical issue
Need help !!!

Lost power to center console for the AC, ie fan and modes. Also tank monitor and useage of power indicator. Have been trying to determine where losing dc power. Tested with generator on all lights, microwave, radio, slide outs, work. Traced poser from batteries to solenoid one side 13.. volts other side no power. Connected to 30 amp shore power (house) no results. Checked power to main fuse box all ok. I have a monaco diplomat 2006. A few months ago change to lithium batteries solenoid is within year old. Going crazy tyring to find what is causing this. Went on long trip in august all was working fine. Am i missing a relay somewhere?

Skip426 09-11-2021 01:57 PM

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Is the solenoid in the red box ; the one with no power through ??

Compartment under the drivers seat.

dirty12 09-12-2021 04:58 AM

No the solenoid is in the battery compartment. It is less than 1 year old but I understand electrical can go anytime. Im wondering why only the three components AC tank monitor and amp usage are not working. The AC controller is only bell wire to units. The main breaker has power. I even pulled out the internal fuse box to look into wall for a relay no results.

jacwjames 09-12-2021 07:40 AM

Have you checked the 12 volt battery disconnect for the house batteries. Is it passing power??
The AC, Tank Monitor all require 12 volt power to work. Not sure about the Amp monitor, if it has a 12 volt control circuit it may not work.

YC1 09-12-2021 08:20 AM

Three separate problems is sound like.

Tank monitors have nothing to do with the (dash AC ?). That is they do not share common connections. Not likely anyway.

Amp readout where ? If on the EMS panel and you are on shoreline with 50 amps it will not show usage.

In some cases, if an AC breaker is tripped it will not read.

Starting with the Dash AC. The power for that is probably in the small fuse panel below the large one below the driver outside.

For the tank monitor, go to the wet bay area and check to see if that monitor works.

I'm headed out for the day so don't have time to post schematics. Sorry

dirty12 09-12-2021 09:53 AM


the AC im referring to is the two roof units the controller is in the center of the unit, connected via bell wire. Checked the main breaker with volt meter and the power is ok at the breaker. The tank monitor is also in the center of the unit both interior and exterior are not reading with 30 amp or generator running tried both ways. Interior lights and ac plugs are working with generator not 30 amp hook up. ( possible transfer swicth?) Tested it appears all power there each feed. IM guessing the EMS panel you are reffering to is on the same panel for slide outs, tank monitor, the adjustment for the shore power which is working. Thank for the support....

jacwjames 09-12-2021 10:00 AM

Does sound like the transfer switch.

Do the AC's work on generator.

dirty12 09-12-2021 10:07 AM


Checked the fuse after the house battery switch has power followed to the solenoid which one side has power the other side does not tried with generator, House power 110 same results. As stated previously solenoid less than year old. Tried with both generator and house power connected same results. Contacted intellitic about a circuit board in main fuse box tested it has power not sure if it is working properly they told me the power issue is in the 12 volt area and not the board, they said it might be a relay. Have some of the wire diagrams for the monaco (thanks to another member of this forum hard to follow but i see no relay between the power and systems not working. But three things not working is not just a broken wire i think.....Thanks for the support

dirty12 09-12-2021 10:11 AM


The controller in the cabin has no power can not even turn on the fan or mode to AC units which is connected to AC via a single bell wire. Is there a way to test if the AC is working bypassing the controller in the cabin? Thanks for the support again.

jacwjames 09-12-2021 10:23 AM

Does your inverter panel have power showing, do the inverter circuits work?

Test your 12 volt circuit from the house disconnect going to the various components. On mine it goes to an isolation type relay (combiner) that ties the house and chassis together with battery boost switch. From there it goes in a couple directions.

There is a large fuse that protects the inverter, check it.
There is a circuit breaker that protects the house side 12 volt circuits. Mine is in the rear passenger side electrical baby.

Check across all of these types of circuits.

I checked my wiring diagram and the EMS requires a 12 volt power feed and it is the same circuit that the tank monitor is on, it is protected by a 15 amp fuse. The AC circuit requires 12 volt to the thermostat for it to work.
All these circuits are protected by a circuit breaker and then individual fuses.

jacwjames 09-12-2021 10:44 AM

I looked in the files section on IRV2 and could not find a diagram for a 2006 Diplomat. On the website they do have a 2007 wiring diagram, 95 separate diagrams YIKES. If you are not a member you can join.

I did a quick look at what is in the battery compartment and it shows a separate disconnect for the house circuit which in turn feeds the house.

Where is you fuse panel location fall all the house circuits. I would check it to make sure you have power to it and if so then check for any blown fuses.

RandyBarb RV 09-12-2021 12:43 PM

Electrical issue.
Have not seen anyone suggest that you check all ground fault outlets. In my Monaco if the ground fault trips in the bathroom several unrelated 12 volt circuits stop working. The ground fault is 110 volt yet it feed something like a relay that powers other 12 volt circuits. On mine the thermostat, main awning, and other 12 volt devices stop working. Just an idea.

jacwjames 09-12-2021 01:28 PM

Doesn't hurt to check for any GFCI's that are tripped.

The roof AC's should not be on a GFCI circuit though. They are controlled by the EMS which will shed them if the load is too high and also need 12 volt for the thermostat.

I'd be checking the 12 volt circuits and see what is and what isn't working.

YC1 09-12-2021 06:59 PM

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Ok, sounds like a 12 volt supply issue. Those circuits on the ems panel run on 12 so chasing transfer switches, gfci's, 110 volt issues won't likely solve the issue.

I will drill down in the diagrams for my 2008 Endeavor. It should be close enough to lead you to the issue.

In the mean time, check your fuse panel in the bedroom. Might be in a closet. Use a test light to check each side of the fuses.

Finding a ground for the test light is the most difficult part. You may be able to connect to your AC breaker panel face screw/s.

Just need a good ground in any case.

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