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TriMoot 09-17-2021 11:27 AM

Furnace Not Working
Hey again..and again..and again.

This time I did read the manual but so far no help.

It was about 43 this morning and all previous mornings we've been using the Heat Pumps in our 2005 Essex and they do a pretty good job. But today I thought I'd try the furnace to see if that works.

I looked through the owners manual and I believe it said you have to turn on the Aqua Hot burner and put the thermostat to Furnace. I also turned on the fan to high....and waited...still waiting. How long is this supposed to take?

I did put zone 4 on furnace and sure enough the fan in the bedroom turned on and there was 'some' heat...I didn't leave it on very long as my DW was 'needing' some heat NOW!

But the in the front, no fans ever turned on and I even checked the bathroom one, turned on the fan...nada.

So far in this rig, there hasn't been any serious issues and all the ones we've had have mostly been due to bad connections, due to corrosion. (It lived in a rain forest in NC less than 3 months ago.)

I haven't started looking for fuses and circuit breakers yet...not sure where they'd be, and besides, it's a "good Friday" (payday) and I'm going out for breakfast!


GrantR 09-17-2021 08:11 PM

You don not mention if you had the Aquahot on electric or diesel. Ours does not run very long, or well on electric only when heating the coach. I usually run diesel only or leave both on if it is cold. If you have the diesel on and the burner is not turning on, time to check the sensors inside the aquahot. I do expect that you are using this for Hot water for the coach.

TriMoot 09-17-2021 08:22 PM

Furnace Not Working
Hey Grant, yes I mentioned it’s an Aqua Hot and I have zero knowledge about it. I did turn it on, then waited a few minutes and switched the thermostat to furnace. I expected the fans to turn on at some point but after about 10 minutes I switched to the heat pumps.

As soon as the grand kid leaves I’ll start poking around.

Oh, pretty sure the burner turned on…exhaust was coming out of the pipe.

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