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Pointerman 09-17-2021 11:53 AM

Parking Brake sensor on F53
Can anyone tell me or provide an image of where the parking brake sensor is and what it looks like on the new F53 chassis? My new RV started beeping at me on the way home from our first camping trip as it thinks the parking brake is applied at all times right now. It started popping on and off while driving, but now it always thinks the brake is applied. I assume I need to adjust the sensor or make sure it is not unplugged.

I looked around, but I really don't know what it looks like. I am guessing this is not that difficult of a fix if I can actually find it.

bobphoenix 09-17-2021 03:06 PM

Back a few years ago there was an IRV2 forum post about the E-brake dash light not going off on a Tiffin (Also a Ford f-53 chassis) But, it's a 2016.

Near the bottom of the thread someone posted a photo of the switch, but they didn't see an adjustment...

Also, on my Coachmen, on the F-53, I had an E-brake that had a disk brake arrangement on the drive shaft, at the trans. when that got dirty (and later rusty) it would give me trouble by not letting the E-brake cable release all the way...

SuperGewl 09-17-2021 07:18 PM

Take a look on the Park Brake pedal near the top. There will most likely be 2 sensors there.
Give this a try also, Make sure your foot is nowhere near the Park Brake pedal and then release it. It needs to come up hard. Then put your foot under the pedal and pull it up toward you and see if the light goes off and stays off.
Worst case is take it to a Ford Dealer for service. They own that part of it.:eek:

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