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rimrock 09-19-2021 06:24 PM

Camper on flatbed ideas.
Currently have a 2000 Arctic Fox 1150 mounted on a 2000 F350 DRW 4x4 that we use occasionally to pull our boat. Replaced the factory bed with a flatbed after a blowout destroyed a rear fender. Looking to downsize to an 8-8'6' camper to facilitate launching our boat at more primitive ramps. The weight and heft of my current 1150 makes me nervous if launching on anything less than ideal. One other factor in my decision is the 8" increase in height that the flatbed added. Definitely feel the camper more now than with the standard bed height. Any ideas on what models of campers would work with this flatbed setup ? Really don't need or want all of the bells and whistles that my current camper has as we never use generator, microwave etc. Any ideas would be appreciated.

87_Alpine10 09-20-2021 09:17 AM

I do not currently have my TC on a flat bed, but that was my next change to my setup. I have always thought that a slide in on a fleetside bed was such a waste of space, without access.

I am planning on changing my RAM 3500 DRW to a flatbed, with a super singe rear wheel setup. I have a 10' camper, and as I have been doing research on what I want to do, I think your 8.5' camper idea, or even a pop up camper is a good choice...especially if you want the freedom of launching a boat regularly and getting up into less traveled locations.


1987 Western Wilderness Alpine 10

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