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JimB1 09-21-2021 07:52 AM

Furnace service Win XLRT
Hi - we have a 2017 35 RL XLRT Winnebago 5th wheel.
Last year the furnace initially didn't want to start in the fall. We left it turned on (an oversight) and it started and functioned normally all last fall and this spring. This fall it refuses to start.
How the heck do you access the furnace in this model for service without crawling through all the drain pipes, water pipes and electrical wiring in the basement?
Winnebago on line service has not replied to me and 3 times on hold that terminated with an auto disconnect is not getting the job done for me. :dance:
All suggestions are appreciated.

Old-Biscuit 09-23-2021 12:44 PM

Furnace exterior access panel---drivers side by water heater

What does furnace do/not do?
When Heat is selected and set point is higher then room temp does T-stat CLICK
Fan runs, Spark Electrode goes CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, flame ignites goes out
Fan runs, no Spark/ignition
No Fan


*Suspect it is an Atwood AFMD30 version

JimB1 09-25-2021 01:04 PM

Thanks OB - hard to believe it was that easy to access. Winnebago service didn't know this - lol.
So I got in and discovered that the circuit board had shorted out. Atwood furnace. The board sits flat against the bottom of box. There was dust, spider webs and bits of decayed insect that probably attracted condensation and shorted the contacts and ruined some components.
A new board fixed the problem. The aftermarket board has 1/4" spacers to lift the board above the bottom of the box. Furnace worked like a charm until noon today and now the blower runs but the gas valve isn't opening so it looks like i may need to replace the sail switch now. We are in a dusty location and have two small barking dogs - the ones that Robin Williams once called "Drop kick practice" after a small dog bit him on the way to a Jonny Carson show.
I was going to stick my leaf blower in the cold air return but can not find a cold air return in this model. 2017 Winnebago 35 RL XLRT.
Floor plan drawing does not show a C A R.

Old-Biscuit 09-25-2021 01:36 PM

Return Air to furnace is virually the whole inside of RV....
Some have small louvered grills
Some just rely on gaps/small openings around cabinets/furniture
Looks like furnace is under the pantry/linen cabinet area so return could be in that area
Leaf blower will not be useful

Sail Switch is accessible via that exterior access.
Two wires (typically white or blue) go to the sail switch micro switch (small white item)
Could just be dirty....small micro switch with paddle that extend into airflow path

Also check that the Intake/Exhaust tube is dappers nests/debris

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