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ccookson 09-22-2021 11:13 AM

Fifthwheel lights work but brake controller is not working
Hello everyone, Our Brakes are not working on our 2001 Coachman Royal Deluxe 294 RKS fifth wheel. We bought a new brake controller but still no brakes. I checked the fuses we could find, we did replace one 15 amp fuse for the trailer lights but the brakes are still not working. My husband is thinking there might be a relay that needs replacing but not sure where it is. I know there is power going to the brake controller because when I push the button on it, it lights up. It used to light up showing a number when the brakes were applied when in motion and we could feel that the brakes were working at that time. Now it does not light up when in motion and it is obvious that the brakes are not working. I did order a new wiring harness that will be delivered today but I am not sure if that will solve the problem. This is getting so frustrating :banghead: Can someone please give me a better idea for solving this problem. I fear for our safety if I cant get this fixed.

VACHZHD 09-22-2021 11:24 AM

Check for a broken wire along the axle going to the back of the wheel. It is possible it snagged on something and broke/came loose. If you have a volt meter you can also check voltage at those wires to see if you're getting power all the way back to the axle. If you are, then continue the investigation into the brakes themselves. If not, then work forward until you find a wire broken or disconnected.

Best of luck.

CecilD 09-23-2021 12:07 AM

Put a volt meter on the terminals of your truck socket. Google will tell you which terminals to check. Apply emergency lever on your controller and verify you have power at the truck.

Pull the emergency break-away switch plug and listen for magnet hum at the wheels. This will tell you if your trailer wiring is OK. Short duration test only.

This should help identify where to look.

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