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BillyandKris 09-26-2021 04:44 PM

Figuring mileages
OK Guys, dumb question. When I am planning our travels I search for “XXXXXtown, State to XXXcity, State” to get how far between destinations and of course it takes me to Google maps which is most helpful. Problem is sometimes the route and mileage they give doesn’t match up with when we are actually out there and using our Garmin RV GPS (which is awesome). Is there a free website of maps that would match up better with what our Garmin RV GPS tells us to do (which is of course the route we are going to use)? I do all this planning on a computer and not on my phone so I’m not sure if I would be interested in an app. Would prefer some free mapping website. Is there such a thing or how do ya’ll do it? (BTW I’m NOT new at this-just never stopped to try to figure out a better way).

vseasport 09-26-2021 05:20 PM

Sometimes I will use the Truck Map app and it doesn't match up with Google either. It is mapping for a big rig and google is not.

Mike8253 09-26-2021 05:25 PM

Are you sure Google Maps is routing you the same way your RV Safe Garmin RV GPS is routing you? Or vice versa? Or is your issue that your actual vehicle mileage is different from either estimate?

I use RV Trip Wizard to do all my trip planning (yearly fee), but it and Garmin which I use in our RV, will at times not agree. But whether the mileage for both is the same or not isn't important, so long I travel a RV Safe route to my destination. Seldom is the delta between the mileage estimates material. I compare each the night before each travel segment, and if there is a significant disparity, I correct the Garmin to take me the way I planned it in RVTW

twogypsies 09-27-2021 01:07 AM

Plot your route the way YOU want to go; not the way it wants you to go on Google Maps using waypoints and highlight it on a paper map. Yes, paper! Then enter the beginning & ending on your GPS and begin driving. Keep referring to your paper map as to where you want to turn. When you make the turn your GPS will recalculate.

If you are going a direct route with no alternate stops then just use your GPS for beginning and ending and have faith in it. We don't! :)

Years ago there was a wonderful mapping program Delorme Street Atlas, where you could do it all leisurely on your computer and then transfer your same route to the Street Atlas GPS. We loved it.... and still use it although you can't buy it anymore.

Ohio44718 09-27-2021 04:26 AM

If you are a Good Sam Member, they have a Trip Planner on their web site that is pretty good and included with your membership. Two big benefits over Google Maps is that you can input your rig's height, and the saved trip can be downloaded to your Garmin. As a bonus, it can list campgrounds along your route and things to do.

Tip: Once downloaded to your Garmin, make sure you open it through the Apps - Trip Planner or the device will recalculate it.

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