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stevenab 09-27-2021 06:29 AM

Selling on your own versus dealer?
2019 RW wayfarer, Iím looking to sell. Iíd like to hear from folks that sold it themselves versus to a dealer? I know dealer is looking to make money but once I drop it off I wonít be hearing from the new owners. Thatís a plus for me..
What other issues come up? thx!

Treetopguy 09-27-2021 09:13 AM

sold a 2004 Gulfstream in April. got 29k. I kept it in tip top shape with extras. The dealer offered me 12k. blue book was 20k.
just depends on if you want to loose big dollars. Wife put it on facebook market place and had 31 replies within 24 hours.

R.Wold 09-27-2021 09:23 AM


Originally Posted by stevenab (Post 5929537)
2019 RW wayfarer, Iím looking to sell. Iíd like to hear from folks that sold it themselves versus to a dealer? I know dealer is looking to make money but once I drop it off I wonít be hearing from the new owners. Thatís a plus for me..
What other issues come up? thx!

Never hurts to try. Dealers need inventory. They can charge more for a variety of reasons so you might get close to the private party price that way. When I was selling my Bay Star I had dealers calling me. I didn't go that route because I already had folks interested but it was a first for me.

RichdlP 09-27-2021 09:51 AM

When we first put our 32SA up for sale the dealers came out of the wood work with low offers. They quickly drop out of sight once they know you are not the low hanging fruit they are looking for. We were lucky, our rig received a lot of private offers and sold fast. If you get no dealer inquires then that should be a good clue that the market for used Wayfarers is saturated. You may want to check out RVTrader and see for yourself how many Wayfarers are currently up for sale….too many. If you want out and/or are looking to upgrade to another RV then you may need to take this one on the chin, get a trade in value from a reputable dealer and move on with your life.

Shadow5501 09-27-2021 11:08 AM

I sold my LTV Unity in October 2020. It might be a different market, as demand for LTV motorhomes is through the roof - 18 to 24 month wait for a factory order.

The biggest pain points are responding to inquiries and the in person showings. I would suggest handling initial contacts and inquiries via email or instant messenger rather than by telephone. That way you can minimize the interruption in your life, sit down and bang out a bunch of responses at once, and not waste any time on the unserious ones. Have a phone call with people that are serious buyers and want to setup a showing.

Try to pre-screen before scheduling showings. Make sure the buyer already knows they want a Wayfarer and has the ability to close the deal. Send tire kickers to RV shows or dealers. Schedule showings at a set time and perhaps at 2 hour intervals.

I asked potential purchasers to make a $1000 non-refundable deposit, for which I would take the unit off the market for two weeks while they arranged to complete the deal.

My first showing was a bust - a very interested wife brought her completely disinterested husband. But second showing two hours later spent about 90 minutes going over the coach and decided to purchase. I had another half dozen showings scheduled so there was no price negotiation at that point. It was a simple deal because I had clear title and they did not use financing. Payment was via wire transfer to my bank. Note - wire transfer, not ACH. A wire is received and processed much more quickly, and cannot be recalled by the sender.

I was able to sell my Unity within 48 hours of listing it on a Facebook group. It was about 18 months old and sold for the same price I paid for it new (not including sales tax and such). I didn’t get a trade in offer from my Tiffin dealer, but it’s hard to imagine that I could have come out better on the financial side. I probably had 15 hours of labor between cleaning it, writing the advert, showings, and giving the buyer an orientation. Overall a good experience. Haven’t heard from the buyer since.

pameridan04 09-27-2021 02:59 PM

Sold privately a Tiffin 2019 32SA in excellent shape. Two dealers offered $102K Sold for $135K. First person who looked at it bought it. Had four or five others waiting in the wings.

You can advertise here on IRV2 or RV Trader, or Facebook Marketplace, or all three. Make sure you have or can get a clear title.


FLSteve 09-27-2021 03:19 PM

Maybe try a "dealer pass through/in & out" type of sell. I just did this with the dealer I was going to order a new coach from. You basically sell it on your own and then pay a small fee for the dealer to handle the paperwork and treat it as a trade in on the new coach order. That way you get the maximum value for your coach and then use that value as a trade in for the tax savings. Best of both worlds. Also the dealer can offer potential buyers financing, extended warranties and other services that you as a private seller can not.

In my case I ordered a new coach from NIRVC Atlanta, paid them a $1,500 fee for the pass through and saved about $20,000 on sales tax plus got what the coach was worth on the open market as a trade in value instead of what a dealer would normally give you.

I agree if you are not buying a new coach, then this approach might not be an option. Also not all dealers will offer this. Just passing it on for what it's worth.


jondrew55 09-27-2021 03:28 PM

Are you just selling or buying another? You can't just look at the dollars between the trade and private sale. You get a sales tax advantage when you trade which may or may not have a significant value attached to it. Sometimes you can get dealers to negotiate better on the new unit you want to buy. Right now RVs are still pretty hot. We sold our Jayco travel trailer privately the first day the ad hit RV trader. We bought an almost new Airstream trailer from a private party. The deal went ok, but it was a real pain getting title work done and registration. Took 6 weeks before I could get tags. Each situation is different. If there's a few percent "tax" to make a deal easier, I might choose to go the trade route.

thegats1 09-27-2021 06:28 PM

Never sold one. But I for sure would make the initial attempt myself. If it drags on and you get sick of it, bail. Not sure if youíre buying another. If so, that may change things as other posters mention. Not sure of your financial position, but personally if the difference is $4000 or more, Iíd try myself first. Your threshold is likely different than mine (a personal thing).

Roy Wright 09-27-2021 06:57 PM

I purchase a used 2021 25LW in May. It took the Bank 6 weeks to fund the loan so be ready to wait if they are financing. That was Bank of the West and I am still waiting for registration and license plates. However, you will get more money selling it yourself and there are plenty of buyers.

JerryP 09-27-2021 07:15 PM

Don't sell through a dealer now.
Demand for Sprinter based RVs is very high now. See what similar RVs are selling for by checking RVTRADER.COM for sales all over the country. Be sure to pay attention to RVs that are near to you. These are your competition for your sale. Do not use NADA or Kelly Blue book. Both of these will give you a low selling price at this time. Take 40 pictures and buy the premium ad with RV trader. Make your ad very descriptive. Also run an ad in your local Craigslist.

I sold a 2017 Winnebago View in 2 days. The couple that bought it live in California, I live near Dallas TX. They FedXed a deposit. While I was waiting a week for them to come to Texas and get their money in order, I had 2 other serious buyers wanting to make a deal.

They flew in, inspected the RV and then drove it back to California. They had the money in their credit union that had a local Texas branch. We went to their credit union to cut me a check while I watched.

Now is not the time to give a dealer a lot of your money.
Other times in the past have been different. Now is a sellers market.



donr103 09-27-2021 08:55 PM

Think about having coach inspected and mechanically inspected before hand.. that way buyer knows it's been inspected and add that to top asking price.. it will move fast if pre inspection.. good luck and keep us posted

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