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peskyfeller 10-04-2021 08:10 AM

Wyhat Broke On Your Last R$V Trip?
My problem didn't happen until we were parking in the yard after returning from a 1200 mile "one way" trip to Omaha. As I was backing up my 2003 Bounder in the yard my brakes went to the floor. Upon examination I discovered I had a rusted hole in a metal brake line. I had this same thing happen a few years ago and I fixed it myself by making a new line. Unfortunately my health and age no longer let me fix this one. I tried for two months to get a mechanic to come to my house to fix it because there wasn't room to get a tow truck in there. I talked with nine different mechanics and nobody would take it on. Finally I found a company that would tow it as long as we could move it around the yard using the parking brake. He charged me $450 to tow it one mile to a big truck repair shop. After two weeks in the shop it came out with a cost of $650. They had to take down half the exhaust system to get to the rusty line. I had that motorhome for 15 years and always did all my own repairs and there were many. I feel sorry for anyone who jumps in to RVing with a motorhome without at least a basic knowledge of how to fix things. I've been RVing for 50 years but my days of camping have come to an end. I wouldn't take anything for the fun we have had camping all over this country and Canada. I had a sign on the back of my motorhome that reads "DO IT NOW!" for folks who put off camping.:)

indianbob 10-04-2021 08:33 AM

Tire exploded, took out floor!
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Coming down the East side of Hwy 17 from the Santa Cruz, CA, our right rear tire exploded and took out 110v wires, 3 propane lines, hot and cold water pipes, the metal wheel-well, the floor beneath the rear of the cabinets and all the rear cabinet supports. That was last Spring and we haven’t begun to fix it yet. $$$

ShanghaiShep 10-04-2021 08:45 AM

The awning decided to go out when I pressed awning in and in when I pressed out.

TheRogues 10-04-2021 08:56 AM

Cracked a head on my 2000 Fleetwood Southwind with the Ford V10. Diagnosed the first week of August. Had to leave it at the shop in Great Falls, MT for 2 months now. Every shop was backed up till September or longer. Finally it’s done and flying out this Thursday to drive it back. A particularly hard breakdown since I full time in it, so the cats and I have been out of our home for two months. Can’t wait to get it back and fingers crossed it makes the 2000 mile trip OK.

starshine4 10-04-2021 09:02 AM

Pulled into Williams AZ and power steering was groaning on the turns. Got parked and started troubleshooting. We're still here. (See my other posts) we changed fluid, cleaned valves , now waiting on pump. And trying to research how to get it installed correctly. We've already paid for our winter site, 3 1/2 hours away.. But paying for site here too, along with parts etc is $$$$ . Will be glad to get this behind us!!

NITEHAWK 10-04-2021 09:11 AM

Toilet valve started leaking, then toilet sprung a leak between bowl and base.
Parallax convertor and battery charger died.
Fridge would only run on 120V.
Coach and engine batteries would get down to 12.6V before I had to start the engine to charge batteries up using the alternator.
Accidentally leaned on the plastic window washer fluid fitting that comes thru the front cap. Broke off the little tube. Repaired it here at home by drilling out the fitting with a 1/8" diameter drill and then gluing in a 1/8" dia x 1/2" long aluminum rivet body (without the rivet flange and the pull pin) Better and stronger than new and I saved $12.95+ shipping!!

SteveJ. 10-04-2021 09:23 AM

Cool thread.

Last trip(200mi RT) was last week, zero, zip, nada.

Trip before had the power wire in the wire harness of the itty bitty Kenwood stereo break off and short out, killing the stereo and the horn relay trigger.

kewlbreeze 10-04-2021 09:29 AM

Houston to YSP Sept 2021
OK - so I know I will get hammered for all of this....but it is what it is....

My Dear Wife had made reservations last year to Old Faithful Inn for two nights....she has always wanted to stay in that rustic old hotel with communal bathrooms (no bathrooms in the room:o) Sept 15 & 16 were locked in stone. At the time of the reservations we did not have a RV.....but we wanted one.

As we looked around we found a 36 ft Itasca Meridian which need needed some someone who has owned older yachts - nothing that I could not handle. It was a good deal so we bought it. Step 1 in the ordeal was done. Step 2 was to do all the work needed to be done on the RV. We had some work that needed to be done on the 13 ft main room slide and we took it to a local - well respected - RV repair place in Dickinson TX. They kept it for 3 months and then told me they did not have a Tech qualified to do the work....arrrgh - 3 months wasted.

So we took it to a Channelview RV Supply and they had it a month and fixed the problem with the slide and 3 other issues.. Cannot say enough good about them - very professional and the work was just topnotch.

We then took it to Cummins Custom Coach facility in Houston and they did the 50,000 mile maintenance on the unit - mechanically she was ready to go

Then it was up to me to deal with all the work DW wanted done.....time was running out. Not only the coach needed lots of work but I had to get the F-150 ready to go as a toad......

Time was running out at this point. Our goal was to get it ready and then take it to a local campground and check all the laid plans....

So it turned out we had time to hook up the toad and drive it around but then it was time to leave. All the systems seems to be in good working order . Assumptions get one in trouble

So off we go......the idea was drive from Alvin (our home) to Dallas on a Thursday afternoon and stay at a local Cracker Barrell and mooch for the night. All is well and we pull into the CB and prepare to go into have dinner. Now I had put in the battery charging system that uses the RV alternator to charge the battery on the toad.....the F-150 has a keypad to unlock the door - the keys were in the ignition...doors locked...battery dead....the keypad would not work. OOOPS #1.

Then we get a phone call from my son saying his family had come down with COVID - we had had dinner with them 4 days before. OHHH NOOOO....vacation was likely over it seemed. OOPS#2.

WE called AAA and they opened the lock on the F-150 and they jumped the toad......we then went to CVS and got the test. Turns out we were negative.

So we took off for Wichita, KS the next morning (after a great breakfast at CB).

We stopped every two hours to see if the battery on the toad to start the engine. As soon as we got to the second stop for charging - the battery was dead. I had no idea what was going on. I had already shown that 12.8 volts were getting to the battery - but the batt was going dead in 4 hours. Arrrgh OOOOPS #3...Ghosts....

We push on. Near OKCity - the wind was blowing like mad - from behind. As we were nearing the city - a guy pulls up next to us and points up. We pull over into a Casino parking lot and the cover over the bathroom exhaust fan was hanging on by one bolt. So I taped it down with Gorilla tape (tape I had previously did not really like). So off we go again OOOPS#4

We make to Wellington, KS KOA around dusk. As I am setting up a nice guy comes over and points out the right front tire on the toad was nearly flat.....OOOPS #5.

So next morning off we go to Discount Tire who did not have the right tire but did put on the spare......and told us the DT in Fort Collins CO had the right tire and were holding it for us (our son lives in Fort Collins). So off we go - we were headed there anyway.

We make it to FC around dusk and as we are following Google to the KOA - we hit the biggest pot hole is so bad that it bends the NSA Ready Brake. OOOPS #6.

WE make it to the KOA with no further problems. We spend two nights there and have a great time with Son #2 and wife to be. No drama while there (amazing). They do have the right tire.....BTW - this time the Toad batt is just fine.....?????? And it is OK the rest of the trip...????? Ghosts

So off we go to Colter Bay in the Grand Tetons.....Everything seems to be OK - the brake is still working and we make it to Colter bay and pull into our site for the night. The next morning both DW and I are outside the RV. The door is shut on the RV - we had been going in and the door will not open...we try everything but no joy. I had left the drivers side window unlocked - backed the truck to the window climbed in and the door opened. OOOPS #7 The door worked the rest of the trip????? Ghosts i guess

We then are off to Old Faithful Inn for two nights and no drama.....wonderful.....

After those two nights in the rustic old Inn (with no bathrooms in the rooms), we go to Driftwaters Resort on the Madison River. It is going to get down below freezing so I make a mistake - I turn on the electric heater (read:heat pump). Now I do not know much about heat pumps - well actually zero. during the early morning hours it quits working (if there is no heat outside then they do not work - duh....the system pops a breaker on the inverter/charger....which I did not know was even no heat - no inverter/ joy. OOOPS #8.....

then the door latch for the electrical compartment decides not to work and as I worked with it (it was cold) the plastic latch breaks.....OOOPS #9. Out comes the Gorilla tape and batta bing - it holds in the cold weather.

BTW - the toad also decides to throw a yellow check engine light while driving around.....OOOPS #10. It does it for one day - and then the next day it no longer comes on. Ghosts again.

So it is time to go home. Retracing out steps - you would think that Google would send us the same way home that we had used going up. Well, that was my assumption. I was wrong. I noticed I was wrong when we pass the sign for Hwy 287 S at 60 mph.....and there is no place to turn around between that spot and Riverton, Wy. It was only a small difference in time between the two routes so no big deal - we get to see more of beautiful WY. But I knew I been had when we pass a billboard saying "Welcome to Riverton - Google is never wrong". I now know the reason most folks don't take that route - as you get close to Rawlins and the freeway to Laramie - there is a near vertical section of road one must drive thru.....I thought it best to unhook the toad for this section. That turned out to be a good idea - unhooked we were doing 25 MPH with our Cummins doing the best it

So we make it to Fort Collins and stayed for two nights. No drama. Actually there was no real drama for the rest of the trip.

So roughly 4500 miles - at least 10 OOOOPies along the way (maybe more - I cannot recall right now) real damage done....the Gorilla tape held the compartment door closed and the vent cover in place, the systems worked pretty well....we made it home.


It seemed that every night there was some drama to deal with. While my DW had a great time - I was almost in constant concern about some thing or another.

BTW - a new latch assembly for the compartment door cost less than $6.00 and is pretty easy to install. I found the breaker on the inverter/charger and now everything is working. The vent cover is an easy fix - just needs a few bolts and nuts (seems they had worked their way loose over time). The toad has not thrown a yellow light again, the Toad never gave us anymore issues, the door lock on the RV worked just fine (I am going to replace it), the Ready Brake is back to the dealer where they will repair it....

What a trip is all I got to say - vacation - means hubby has to worry and work. But all that matters is DW had a good time and I am happy to give her that. Well worth it. She puts up with me :D:blush:

I learned a lot....RVing is so much fun:blink::facepalm:

Planet Houston :dance:

jconsidine 10-04-2021 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by fcbbob15 (Post 5930506)
On the way home from South Dakota my lights on my toad stopped working. Could not figure out why. We were about 150 miles from home so the DW drove the Jeep home. A couple of days later I hooked everything up and it worked. Have triple checked everything I can think of. Still working today.

Corroded pins on the connector? That's happened to me. Some fine sandpaper and something to scrape the female connector and I was back blinking again

AveryF 10-04-2021 10:13 AM

Compared to some of these stories, we've been pretty lucky!

We had a serpentine belt shred 25 miles east of Colorado Springs during a visit there last summer. It was a bit of an ordeal because of extremely poor cell service where we broke down and our insurance carrier having to send a tow truck from Denver to take it to a shop in Colorado Springs. As luck would have it, we were only 30 miles or so from our destination at our daughter and S-I-L's house so it could've been much worse. After a number of phone calls, we eventually found a repair center that was able to look at it the following day and had it back to us that afternoon!

Other than a problem with our HWH leveling system a couple of years ago (self induced, by the way, but that's another story......) which required replacement of two jacks and two solenoids, we've been been extremely fortunate.

My wife frequently says that God looks after little children and old fools. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a little child even though my wife is quick to say I often act like one! (Hard to argue with the truth..........)

oldnavycdr 10-04-2021 10:18 AM

As a noob coming back from Florida we stopped at a campground for an overnight. Upon departure one of the rear jack will not retract. I tried everything. Called a mobile tech and extended our stay for another night. He tries everything, including calls to Equalizer but the piston must be bent and internally jammed. The tech can't even break the jack loose from the frame. DW has an important medical appointment back home in NC so I tell the guy, saw it off. I'm not sure how many blades the tech went through cutting that piston off but it must have been all he had. Made it back to NC in time.

Fast forward, taking the coach to Elkhart to have the entire jack system replaced (the system was obsolete and unsupported). I'm pulling a hill in nowhere NC and the alarm panel sounds off with multiple lights and alarms -- over temp, stop engine and no telling what else. I pull off on an exit ramp and go to the rear to see what I can see. Some kind of fluid leaked and sprayed all over the engine compartment but no obvious source. I limped to a gas station just off the exit ramp and tried to call my "roadside assistance" company. Poor cell service and poorer customer service suggest to me that I'm on my own. I do a more detailed inspection and determine that I have no hydraulic fluid in the reservoir. I hoof it to an auto parts store and pick up 5 gallons of AW-46 to add to the tank and begin a search for a repair shop. Of course it is a Friday afternoon and no mechanics are available. My appointment at Equalizer is on Monday. While driving around and monitoring temperature I can limp from shop to shop but no joy. Again, I'm on my own. Needing more hydraulic fluid I pull into another auto parts lot and discover where the leak is coming from -- hydraulic line as it makes a bend to the cooler. It seems that a nut attaching the big stone guard has been chafing this line over the years and finally wore a hole in the line. Got some hose, more fluid, and a hand pump from the auto parts store and replaced it in their lot. Totally soaked in hydraulic fluid I press on to the first overnight stop without incident. And no issues during travel on day 2...until departing. Pulling onto the on ramp I lose all power steering. Inspection shows the new hose failed. Seems they gave me heater hose which couldn't handle the pressure. Sunday morning, side of the road in nowhere Ohio. Hoofed to a Farm & Home (amazingly open early Sunday morning) and found some stouter hose and AW-46. Made the same repair again. While there is still more to this saga I'll stop here. Many years on submarines taught me that when there is absolutely no one to call you have to fix it yourself. In the end, I made it to Elkhart, got the new jacks, had a nice set of theater seating installed and returned home without incident. My next purchase was a toad. And I had to throw away all those fluid soaked clothes.

LT326 10-04-2021 10:29 AM

What broke?

Originally Posted by jondrew55 (Post 5930482)
I stayed at Ft Wilderness. My wallet broke

I heard That!!:blink:

Manicman 10-04-2021 10:48 AM

V-10 misfire
We were all packed and ready to go, my ford e-450 threw an engine code. Had it checked, random misfire on number 7.
New plugs and wire caps, one day late going out.

Overall been pretty lucky.

I can relate to the guy that had the rv blind strings break. That happened, found a place in Edmonton that restrung them for me. That one I was happy to pay someone to do.

RVChptr2 10-04-2021 11:15 AM

Always something…..
Trip from Cali to Mt Rushmore and Badlands, drinking water filter hose developed a leak, stop for gas and stepping out of the coach I see the stairs dangling in the breeze…the control arm snapped. Thank goodness for zip ties!
Hit Nebraska on the way home and coming into our HarvestHost winery, the battery light flashes. Park for the night and heading to a local repair shop in the morning, coach dies on a dirt road in a cornfield…alternator dead:battery dead. Towed to a local shop, parts ordered, overnight in a hotel in Scottsbluff, ready by 11am the next day. Art’s RV Service in Scottsbluff NE. Fabulous!

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