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bduemig 12-12-2021 04:30 PM

Can I make a list?
Heat pump quit
Windshield popped out of the seal.
Black tank started leaking.
Power vent died

After having the windshields replaced, it b appears the shop left the b door b open overnight. When I got it back, there was a rat inside. Luckily I saw him n early enough and got a trap to get rid of it.

Still not home yet, but hopefully, this is the end of the b list.

Charming 12-13-2021 03:04 PM

Windshield wiper bracket broke.

No wipers, trying to get repaired now.

petewolff 12-13-2021 05:33 PM

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Just got back from our trip to Fort Wilderness. On the way they double doors that separate the bedroom area from the rest of the coach broke.
Both doors are hung from a double track that was screwed to the ceiling . The screws pulled out of the wood and the track came down.
They used eight #8 self piercing screws to hold up quite a bit of weight . #8 screws into pine holding a lot of hanging weight equals failure.
The next morning while driving a rock was thrown up into the windshield causing a nice chip , if the windshield hadnít been there it would have it me between the eyes !
So Safelite will be here Wednesday to inject the bullseye chip and I was able to repair the doors today . 6 toggle bolts rated at 70lbs each should be able the track on the ceiling.
Just part of RV ownership I guess .

Cloudbuster 12-14-2021 07:11 AM

For 14 months & 17,797 miles every trip had the ABS / Traction control failures on & off plus 2 trips had first right axle seal leaking then the left leaked twice after being replaced. Our last trip 2255 miles NOTHING BROKE! This was do to Ford replacing the entire rear axle rotor to rotor. However we did find 2 screws on the floor, one we were able to find where it came from.

dwkerch 12-15-2021 07:26 AM

Oh yea... Charming's post RE: broken windshield wiper post reminds me - on the same trip that our turbo gasket blew out in late September, as we were returning home in November, nearing Medicine Lodge, Kansas it started to rain. Turned the wipers on and after two or three swipes they quit working. Rain was light and we made it into Medicine Lodge okay. Two days later at home, came on irv2 forums and learned that on our model Itasca if wipers are not used over a long period of time the wiper motor tends to partially corrode and seize up, and a light tap with a hammer or wrench sometimes frees the motor up. I took a ball-peen hammer and tapped on the wiper motor and low and behold - wipers worked again!

bruce91 12-15-2021 07:51 AM

My list
Rock star on windshield, repaired during trip. Then going a few CG later in another area a crack. Windshield replaced once home.

Passenger side shade wouldn't stay down, broken part in mcd shade no longer available.

Awning starting to tear, will get replaced in time.

Toad had trouble light (service advance trac) which went away on its own???

Toad had low tire pressure light and no low tires. Had all transmitters replaced, lost a day at discount tire.

All in all just minor blips for a 7,000 trip over 4 months.

zigzagrv 12-21-2021 12:43 PM

The last trip in November was one of the worse I have had. Started out with a truck throwing a big chunk of rubber into corner of windshield. It glanced off, but did not damage it, just scared the heck out of us. Couple hours later we stopped for lunch. Went to turn on the generator, but it wouldn't start. Had a cold sandwich for lunch.

Also, when I went out to run the toad for a few minutes, I noticed the left side magnetic tow light was not there. It was hanging down by the wire. It had been broken. Now I knew what happened to that chunk of rubber that hit the windshield earlier. Spent about an hour repairing. Duct tape is a necessity!!! I'd get a new one when I got to Springfield, Mo.

An hour or so later came to a construction zone, quite common here in Pa. As we entered the zone, a truck forced me over into the cones. It was either hitting him or the cones. I chose the cones. the cones took out both front and rear plastic fenders. When I finally could pull over to inspect the damage, the steps didn't come out when I opened the door. Hopping out, the steps had been bent back bad. No temporary fix there. I had several step stools I could use. Apparently, one of the weights that the cones sit in had hit the step at 55 mph.

Had a great time in Springfield with grand daughters. The campground owner helped me to try and get the step straightened out, but things started breaking as we tried. Also could not get the generator to start....wouldn't even turn over. I'll wait till I got home to work on it.

Been home now for about a month and haven't made much progress fixing anything. Got one of the new fenders from Gulf Stream, but they didn't have the other one. No progress on the generator, though I spent a day working on it. The step is only held on by 4 bolts, but after working on it over 3 days, I have only 1 bolt out. The hardest part is digging through the huge gobs of spray foam to get to the bolts. Giving up for now cause it's getting cold her in Pa. Got my work cut out for me in the Spring

Have MERRY CHRISTMAS eeveryone!!!

Charming 12-29-2021 10:35 AM

I think I'm finished with the tears for now. After my last post the 7/6 cable that DH duck taped shorted out in the rain. Repairs in El Paso.

As we arrived at Bonelli Bluffs RV Park in San Dimas, CA the lift system hydrolic fluid dumped on the ground. Now we are sitting here unable to move and unable to get a technician. We have a very expensive spot at the Rose Parade that we must access by 10am on Thursday.

This is becoming the trip from hell.

deandec 12-29-2021 12:02 PM

500 miles over the SF Bay Bridge to Half Moon Bay and nothing broke. Did turn over to 111,000 miles on the odometer. :)

Rob_M 01-20-2022 09:50 PM

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Rear Furnace fan broke on our way towards colder weather and was vibrating like crazy. (heats basement also) Amazon had one delivered next day. [emoji41]
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Pylelr 01-29-2022 02:05 PM

Inner latch on the door broke at the bottom hinge. Managed to make it work until we got home. Ordered a whole new one from Amazon but haven't put it on yet.

arcaguy 01-29-2022 02:15 PM

The bank account, it ran out of money. I blamed my wife.

DutchmenSpor 01-30-2022 06:11 AM

Slide Cable (front living room).

NorCal Hal 01-30-2022 09:27 AM

I think the gazillion potholes, mismatched highway to bridge transitions and other highway "works of art" on our 6,225 mile June cross country trip did all kinds of immediate and delayed damage to our 2017 coach.

In December when we arrived at our winter resort we found the BACK screws in overheard track for the HEAVY pocket door between the bathroom and bedroom had pulled out of the ceiling letting the back end of the track and door drop to the bottom of the pocket. The installation design would require significant destruction and removal of the finished wood walls to access. Over several hours, I was able to install long screws at an angle using about 4-5 feet of extensions.

I am thinking of putting a shim under the door when travelling to take some of the door weight off the track.

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