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pvcampbell 10-03-2021 04:44 PM

9,500 miles in to a 10,000 mile, 5-month trip, and almost home with no real issues. There's something to fix pretty much every day, but all small stuff (knock on wood!).

Glad I bought a pre-Covid rig.

JHowell 10-03-2021 04:45 PM

Blown tire
On way home to Ohio in June blown front tire, hit bridge with Monaco. We were all ok but 7600 to fix mh when we got home. All done and ready to go again.
PS tire 6 years old with 23000 on it. Was perfect when left Florida. Now all six new tires extra 4500 spent.
The greatness of owning a RV

DSL417 10-03-2021 04:50 PM

My billfold is broke…diesel prices up a full $0.75 a gallon from same time last year. Not a political statement, just a truth.

Steve 716 10-03-2021 05:00 PM

Failed A/C compressor
My rear engine mounted dash air conditioner compressor locked up and broke the belt. It was hot outside and we had to run our generator to operate our roof top ACs while traveling. Upon arrival at our destination I drove to a Cummins shop to have them install my spare belt and that is when we discovered that the compressor was shot. That cost me two hours of diagnostics at $175 per hour for a tech who didnít have any idea how AC works. I think it also was the first time he installed a belt. At the end of his two hours of wasted time (he did get the belt installed) another tech came over and it took him maybe five minutes to diagnose the problem. I ordered a new compressor from Spartan, installed it myself, located the ports at the front of my coach, and a local home A/C tech came by and charged my system. Cummins kept my $350 donation.

NorCal Hal 10-03-2021 05:01 PM

June was our 6,225 mile , "20 State Adventure Trip" according to our 16 year old grandson. We started in Washington state and dove down to Redding, CA. to pick him up - no problems.

We took the back way out of Redding through Susanville to Reno - no problems. Spent the night in Sparks at Marina RV and headed for Elko, NV the next stop - no problems. We made it to Carlin while keep a careful eye on the Diesel level as I hadn't filled up since Canyonville, OR and wanted to make Wells, NV - no problems.

About 29 miles west of Elko on I-80 just after topping a grade we heard a LOUD bang. Thinking I had blown a tire my first reaction was to look at the Pressure Pro TPMS which was all green - no problem. Then I realized the engine has shut down - problem? Staying in the right lane were I had been driving I shifted into neutral and attempted a re-light - which it would no do - possible problem.

Now traveling down the highway in a somewhat unguided 40 ton missile I looked for a safe and close landing pad - no problem. Wide open spaces, light traffic, no construction, cool but clear weather and wide open berms so I hit the emergency flashers and wrestled (no power steering) off the highway to a successful landing - no problem.

I tried starting the engine and could hear it crank but not start - probably a problem. I got out and walked back to the engine compartment and before opening the engine cover noted Diesel covering the tow dolly, towed car and the back of the coach - hmmm definite problem! An inspection of the engine and crawling under the coach revealed Diesel either covering or dripping from places it shouldn't be - yep a definite problem.

My first assumption, due to the loud bang and the fuel everywhere, including dripping off the front of the engine block, was a blown injector. A sheriff deputy was quickly on the scene and while my wife and I called our insurance company with limited cellular bars (of course) we finally arranged for transport to the Cummins Elko. Making a long story shorter- It was by law, Saturday afternoon, as breakdowns are NOT permitted to occur during normal working hours. So, while I dealt with being transported to Cummins my wife rented a hotel. It was 100+ degrees, the coach had come to a stop on a slope where the brakes locked up due to loss of air, NOT within reach of Cummins's electrical outlet and smelling of Diesel I would have been the ONLY person sleeping in the coach.

Monday AM, being first in line, it only only took them a half hour to determine that the secondary fuel filter, that I had bought and installed four months and about 2,900 miles earlier, had separated at the side seam spraying fuel, under several thousands pounds of pressure, "everywhere." Had, I only turned on the key and walked back I would have seen it myself. The technician told me I was lucky it wasn't an injector as we would be down a minimum of a week and probably closer to two. He said they "might," and did, have a filter in stock.

Cummins said that it "rarely happened" and was surprised that the Fleetguard filter had failed. By this time I had spent about $ 1,400. $ 625 for the flatbed transport, $ 470 for their two hours of work, including pressure washing, and the new filter and $ 300 for a hotel room. Elko was having both a rodeo and a mining conference that weekend so rooms were at a premium IF you could find one.

This trip was choregraphed in great detail and we were now two days behind schedule. By driving ten hours each of the next two days we were able to skip our stops at Cheyenne and Fort Bridger WYO and get back on track in Hastings NE. Other than a flat tire on our TOAD in Hastings and the DEF light coming on about Idaho everything else went splendidly. The DEF header was replaced by Tiffin under warranty.

I filed a warranty claim with Fleetguard and Cummins Elko sent the failed filter to the claims dept in TN. A few days later I received a call requesting receipts for all the related expenses arrangements for reimbursement. The next day I received another call from the same Fleetguard guy, who, somewhat embarrassingly, informed me that one of their engineers had determined that it was NOT a Fleetguard filter but a Chinese knockoff, made to look like theirs - oops another problem. So, the "deal" I got on Amazon was NOT such a great savings. The Fleetguard customer service man said he had my filter and a Fleetguard filter sitting side-by-side on his desk and he couldn't tell the differences until the engineer pointed them out.

They were kind enough to return the failed filter along with a few new filters for the inconvenience. I STILL can't see the difference. Dimensionally and color wise they "look" identical. It came with the same red end plug, the labels are the same size and color. They use the same Fleetguard / Cummins FF63009 part number, however the word Fleetguard is missing from the label.

After LOTS of calls, e-mails and research Amazon and the filter company did cover all of my expenses. One other item. When the transport driver loaded the coach onto the flatbed he neglected to tie up or remove the mud flap / rock guard so managed to gouge up the stainless steel lettering and logo - for which they also reimbursed us.

Do I win anything for the BEST 20 day adventure?

We were booked to drive from WA to MA for a 29 day September New England Fall Rally but after this trip and the bad roads and detours we encountered neither WE, nor the coach, wanted to risk the adventure - so we cancelled. I was surprised the windshield didn't pop out a few times when we hit some of the pot-holes.

Merry 10-03-2021 05:13 PM

Compared to some, mine is pretty tame. My in-mirror blind spot monitoring decided to shut itself off. Easy to turn back on through the computer, but annoying

rlcarson2 10-03-2021 05:15 PM

On our way home to Colorado from North Carolina, step motor bit the dust, black tank spray nozzle clogged and the driver's side power window became separated from the metal sleeve that guides the window back and forth.
Not sure what I would do if I couldn't repair things myself. Our coach would probably spend most of its time at a service shop.

cwotbg 10-03-2021 05:16 PM

While camping in Pensacola our hot water heater went out. Called every service tech I could find but everyone was booked. Had cold showers til we got home.

KarenTrefz 10-03-2021 05:22 PM

We were getting ready to leave for a trip to Oregon. Husband went out to disconnect the shore power when the handle on the service bay door broke. No way to open door. Ended up cancelling trip and taking to repair place. Ordered 2 sets of the handles so we would have a spare in the future if it ever breaks again. Husband also cut a hole in the bottom of the service bay so he could reach up inside to disconnect power, water and sewer if it ever happens again.
Karen and George Trefz
2007 Monaco Dynasty
2006 Jeep Wrangler and
2020 Jeep Trailhawk

jeffcarpente 10-03-2021 05:28 PM

Operator Error
While packing up from our stay with grandkids at Jellystone Park in WI. I forgot to close one on the basement doors when bringing in the main slide out. For those of us old enough, Snap.....Crackle.....Pop!!!!! and Not the cereal. BIG OOPS. :blush:

Old enough to know better but dumb enough to do it again! :facepalm:

wabear 10-03-2021 05:54 PM

Found the fresh water tank filling up while hooked on city connection.
My diagnosis says the valve to fill it is bad.
Havenít messed with it further and it may just go to the shop. If Iím wrong then Iím just wasting time and money.

bgkoontz1 10-03-2021 06:07 PM

My crappy schwintech slide broke on out way home from Maine. Had to manually get it in. The motor home is still in the shop

dknitz 10-03-2021 06:33 PM

what broke
Traveling south on I-79 just past Morgantown, West Virginia, I noticed the Cummins service center. I smiled and said to myself "thank God I do not need you". Ten miles further down, the motorhome died and I was able to pull to the shoulder of the highway. Opened the engine bay cover only to notice the new Fleetguard fuel filter installed in June was cracked and leaking. Called the Cummins service center to make amends. They had the filter but could not come out for road service. They gave me the name of another shop who picked up the filter assembly and had me back running within 2 hours. I will never think any thoughts about a service center again.... learned my lesson. I did call Cummins to ask why the filter should crack in such a short time. They asked where it was purchased; I replied Amazon, only to be told it was probably a Chinese knock-off and in the future purchase the filters directly from Cummins. Another lesson learned. Does it ever end??

2014 Tiffin Allegro Bus 45LP

Trekkers 10-03-2021 06:41 PM

On our current trip, the seal on one of the jack seals ruptured so it kept slipping down while driving. At first we would pull over and retract it before it got too low. It was happening about every 10 minutes so pulling over became a nuisance. We found we could hit ďAll RetractĒ while continuing to drive so we were able to get to the jack manufacturer, Equalizer, in northern Indiana which was about 130 miles away. They completely replaced it under warranty and we were off again.
We have traveled up to 10 months a year and have owned 5 different rigs. Most trips we have had no problems. However, over the years, things have come up. When we were beginners we broke our fresh water tank in January because we didnít understand that our basement was not heated. One year we had an air bag in the suspension break, giving a very rough ride till we could get to a dealer. One time we had an outside dualie tire blow. Another year we had the engine fan belt break. One time the engine derated because a sensor went bad.
We considered those all inconveniences but never caused us to lose the love of RVing or prevented us from continuing our travels.

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