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TucsonTom 10-03-2021 07:47 PM

Kitchen Slideout
On our last trip our passenger front slide got stuck in the out position! That slide is hydraulic. We were in Flagstaff, AZ on our way to Moab,UT. With the help of several Good Samaritans we tried a variety of solutions to no avail. So, I drove to Moab with an extra 24Ē on my right side! Called an RV service in Moab. They came out and we tried a bunch of things, once again with no result. So, I drove back to Tucson with my slide still out! I thankfully did not get pulled over by the popo. We had to wait a month to get an appointment at our usual dealer/ repair facility. That was June 23rd. Our coach is still in the shop awaiting parts. We donít even have a potential manufacture date, let alone a shipping confirmation! Iím still paying $250 a month for our covered parking slot. No idea when our coach will be fixed!

Thatís or biggest failure so far.
Tom & Mimi
2010 Tiffen Phaeton
2004 Trailblazer toad

bro61021 10-03-2021 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by yeloduster (Post 5930270)
Those of us who have been doing the RV game for a while realize that something goes wrong on almost every trip. I thought it might be fun...well maybe not might be interesting if we talked about our latest mishap...big or small!

My latest; in the middle of the night while camping near Rocky Mountain National Park the canister that contains the water filter split up the side and all our water was pumped out onto the ground. Fortunately the rupture was in an area that was open to the outside and NO damage was done.

I was able to remove the water filter and pull the plumbing together for a temporary fix until we got home. I paid $21 for a new water filter housing from Lowes, $15 for plumbing pieces and 3 trips to Lowes because I can never anticipate everything I need!

That's my story, what is yours?

Last time out my Progressive 30amp EMS surge protector burnt up along with my RV 30 amp plug. Last January I had a blow out that tore up my wheel well and outer underbelly.

rcnuts 10-03-2021 07:52 PM

We stopped for a break on our way to a campground in Penna. The water pump ran and ran before it finally built pressure. I checked it again at the campground (before hooking up to their water supply) and again it ran a minuet or 2 before building pressure. Its the same pump since we bought this older coach so Im figuring on replacing it before the next trip. Easily swapped out part.

Mark_T 10-03-2021 08:05 PM

The wire for the propane solenoid. Easy fix strip a wire and electrical tape.

RickMR 10-03-2021 08:10 PM

Well, returning home from northern MN stoped for fuel at a T/A in Wisconsin. Fueled up and headed out. About two hrs later stopped at a rest stop to stretch. Was doing my normal walk around and discovered something all over our Jeep toad. Holy crap!! I had left the fuel cap off after filling. Why, the teather had come loose and I had to set it on the pump to fuel. Also spread down the rear side of coach. Thank the lord it began to rain for the next two days. Sure helped. FixÖ.NAPA. $34.00. Still a mess to clean up.

Thekargs 10-03-2021 08:14 PM

3 two thousand mile trips to Florida, nothing. 6000 mile trip out west and 1 toilet valve broke 2 wipers random location stop when on delay 3 rear main seal started leaking requiring replacement when I got home 4 leveling Jack's stopped working, replaced main relay on pump and then had to replace Jack that would not retract properly, seal was bad. Expensive trip maintenance wise.

5240 10-03-2021 08:20 PM

More Junk from Dom......
4th day into 7 day trip from MN to FL the Dom.... refrigerator decides it is not going to refrigerate any longer and quits! Stuff the coolers with ice and carry on cuz the ole song and dance from Dom....Industries is not getting it fixed along with their awning that delaminated 14 months ago and still waiting for parts. A little bit warm at the campground in NC and the cabin overhead fan emits the "Green Light" of death. Thank goodness the rooftop ac is still working. At FL home now and just bought a Furrion Refrigerator to replace that piece of ..... Dom.....
Grin and Bear it Happy Campers.

plumber64 10-03-2021 08:28 PM

Inverter went in the crapper. Two thousand dollars later out of the crapper. Going on a 5 day trip and waiting for the next thing to break.

Buckeye Boy 10-03-2021 08:34 PM

Cigarette Lighter for CPAP
The wall cigarette lighter used for my CPAP machine failed. Restless night while boondocking.

rebfan 10-03-2021 09:10 PM

While driving through St Louis a passing motorist waved me down and I looked in my mirror to see my belongings scattered along I-64. Immediately pulled over to discover that I had a flat tire on my travel trailer, The tire had shredded, tearing a 12 inch hole in the bottom of the trailer. The hole was under the kitchen cabinets allowing a lot of pots and pans to fall out. I put on the spare then went looking for a replacement tire on a Sunday since I didnít want to go the last 300 miles without a spare. I have since reinforced the floors above the tires with thick plywood

dms1220 10-03-2021 09:55 PM

Good question
Woke up in middle of night and no DC power. Was in a park with AC connected. Called mobile repair guy and after testing batteries, converter power in/power out, fuses, and everything else he could think of he had no clue. About 2 hrs later it sounded like the battery disconnect beeped and DC power back on.

Got to next destination and same thing. Woke up to no DC power. This time took it in to RV repair shop and they tested everything and all tested ok and they too said no idea. It still works sometimes and sometimes not.

Don't know if it's related but during all this had to replace slide out controller.

Dutchstar53 10-03-2021 10:25 PM

Iím driving I-80 in Nevada going up a grade. High temp came onÖit was rising. Overheating, goes into limp mode. Thankful that there was a spot to pull over. Cooled it down. Husband took over. Same thing happens to him. We make it to summit. Cool it down. Make it to Elko (mostly all downhill). We had been in a lot of dust. Husband washed out our side radiator. It was pretty dirty. Leaving Elko, didnít make it far. Injector pressure sensor failure. Husband decides to keep driving. Meanwhile Iím doing research. It was intermittent. Coach would slow down/stall, then it was ok. Made it to Reno. After research, calling Freightliner determined we needed new sensor and o-ring. Called CAT. In stock! Husband replaced it. Not easy. Hard to get to. Took a special wrench unless you have magic 7 in pliers! On the way to get the part from CAT we took our trash. In the trash enclosure were some big wood blocks. Someone threw them out! We put them in the Jeep. Came in handy as it was difficult to get to the part to remove & replace. A ladder wouldnít have worked. When we left the next morning, we had a scare. Just pulling out onto the freeway, we temporarily stalled, then started going. Never happened again. We have since taken it in for a major service and had them double check the codes (we have a Silverleaf that reads/stores codes, they cleared out). They found nothing and pretty sure we fixed both problems, by cleaning the radiator & replacing sensor. Never a dull moment.

Dutchstar53 10-03-2021 10:51 PM


Originally Posted by KingCruzer (Post 5937526)
How about the hitch extender snapping at the weld and my toad on a blue ox broke away? Fortunately I just exited the Interstate in Interior SD and was only going 35 mph.

80 miles from home after 3000 miles coming back from Florida this past March. Iím driving (thereís a theme, see my other post), taking exit from I-5 in CA onto a 4 lane highway. Really tight turn, so going very slow 20-25. Baseplate came off from our Mini Cooper, still attached to tow bar. Mini crossed both lanes and ended up against the center overpass structure. By the grace of God, did not hit anyone. Still gives me chills thinking what might have happened.

SurfSide3311 10-03-2021 10:53 PM

Far back Universal joint, had all three replaced.

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