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MarkSaxton 09-28-2021 07:17 AM

Making a pump portable
I'm looking for suggestions on a clean way to mount a small pump in a hand-carry-convenient manner.

I have two basic applications for using the pump.

1. Carry it to an open water source and use it to fill a 5G container.
2a. Carry it to the side of my RV, connect it to the city fill inlet and use it to pump the 5G into my fresh water tank if the water is suitable
2b. If I don't want the water in my fresh tank, use the pump to dispense the water directly from the 5G container as I use it

I have a CampLux pump, I got a full kit that has 12V connectors and water hoses. I can do all of the above with what I have. As-is, the kit is an awkward collection of loose parts that is not easy to use. I use a small Lithium batter to power the pump, fyi. The battery is roughly the same size as the pump, I guess, not too big.

Approaches that occur to me -

1. Mount the pump on a small piece of plywood, fashion a cover out of part of a plastic box, attach a handle to the top of the cover and use latches to hold the cover in place over the pump as a carry-box.

2. Mount the pump inside a small plastic tool box and use that to carry it around.

3. Cut a short section of PVC in half and make a sort of clam-shell container out of that with some hinges and attach a handle to the top side, mount the pump inside (not sure this offers any advantage over using a toolbox and seems more complicated, might make for a smaller overall package)

Any suggestions? Option 1 seems the simplest but options 2 and 3 give me some sidewall to maybe mount 12V input / water in/out ports on to further simplify set up and tear down.

Backcountry1 09-28-2021 07:40 AM

Option 2 is exactly what I did for mine. I put a small 12 volt water pump in a small plastic toolbox and then used a small piece of 1” wood on the outside to screw the pump to and give it more stability. I keep about 30’ of 3/8” water line in the toolbox along with 10’ of electrical cord connected to the pump. It works out beautifully, and everything is contained in the box when not needed.

2Curtass 09-29-2021 10:06 AM

I have used one of these, but not for water and it works great!

MarkSaxton 10-04-2021 08:44 AM

I put the pump into a project box and drilled out holes for the hose connections - easy enough and the setup / teardown is much more practical now.

The Milwaukee looks like a great stand-alone solution - for my application its more than I want to be carrying around, thanks for the link, though.

Cypressloser 10-04-2021 09:03 AM

I have a couple of these that I use to fuel up my generator, chain saws, mower, etc. but I have never used one to transfer water from a source to a container and vice versa. It may or may not work, if it does you hit the jackpot.
I bought my pumps locally at a lower price.

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