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TexasJeff 10-22-2021 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by ScratchGolfr (Post 5957533)
re jack pads

I don't see people using them as much as I used to, campgrounds with concrete pads do not seem to be requiring. Primarily need on soft turf, etc but ... I still put them down 90% of the time.

Same here. With all the concrete or gravel pads, about the only reason I'll use them any more is those campsites that are so off-level I feel like I'm in the Joker's lair in an episode of Batman. If you grew up in the 60s, you'll get my reference.

We employed our auto-levelers unsuccessfully on a recent trip. So, out comes the pads to give an adequate down-stroke to get to level. Visually, the camper looked silly up on 2 wheels. Thanks goodness we had a step-stool to position at the foot of the entrance. The door jam was above knee-height after the leveler was done. :blink:

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