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Kenvb 10-16-2021 07:36 PM

New RV in the family
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a neighbor died this past summer and the housing authority told the widow to get rid of the old motorhome..she was trying to sell it..but not many around here have room for a 38 ft camper or knowledge to fix it.. Batterys all dead didnt help she asked around and one of her neighbors called me.i went over with a battery.checked all fluids. it started in about 4 turns of the 454.gave her some $ which she didnt want and my son drove it to my place so we could fix signal lights.and fasten some loose doors and cut the power step off with cordless grinder..then added 5 gallons of premium gas i have at home.and he drove it to his shop few miles away. it has a 4500 Honda generator..a 2021 Propane tank and 2021 AC retrofit.and a 2018 Awning. sons not sure what he will do with it.put on a friends lake lot or sell parts of it and then take body off the chassis and put a 67 C50 body he has and build a ramp truck.with 99,000 kms.should be some life left in it..

Argosy 10-17-2021 05:06 AM

Why cut the steps off? They're relatively cheap and simple to fix compared to buying new ones.

Arch Hoagland 10-17-2021 12:58 PM

It was mighty kind of you to help her out! It's nice to have good neighbors.

153stars 10-17-2021 08:50 PM

That's kind of a cool old rig . Some one would love to have it.

Kenvb 10-24-2021 07:14 PM


Originally Posted by Argosy (Post 5952542)
Why cut the steps off? They're relatively cheap and simple to fix compared to buying new ones.

they were smashed beyond repair..its not worth repairing. walls are broke right to inside on 3 spots, ceiling above rear bed is caved son is going to scrap the RV part and put 67 Chev 1 ton cab on it,make a car hauler out of it..

Argosy 10-25-2021 05:18 AM

That's going to be an engineering exercise. The 67 cab has all the controls mounted in the cab, the RV has them mounted on the chassis. Lots of work, especially updating brakes and the steering.

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