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fayjim2 10-18-2021 09:55 AM

Furnace Fan Replacement in Atwood
Is replacing a furnace fan something the owner can do and what is the procedure on a Atwood 8500-IV Series Furnace?

Teamfoxy 10-18-2021 10:07 AM

You should visit the Attwood website and download the service manual. Then search U-tube and watch a few videos that show servicing the furnace. You need to remove the furnace to perform any service and that involves disconnecting the propane line. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, have a tech guy do the replacement.

Persistent 10-19-2021 09:58 AM

I fully agree with TeamFoxy. I am vary handy with equipment. I know I can probably replace a blower fan in an RV furnace.

On the other hand, reconnecting gas lines and not interfering with safety devices can have catastrophic consequences. It requires someone with detailed knowledge and exceptional attention to the details.

I would prefer using a technician who does this frequently.

Old-Biscuit 10-19-2021 10:59 AM

Atwood RV Furnace can be fully serviced W/O removing unlike Suburban Brand

Exterior access panel...remove it and you have blower/combustion components right there
Propane only needs disconnected when removing gas valve

Just remove the DC fuse to Furnace
DC connection to motor, circuit board, sail switch, gas valve etc are just behind that exterior panel or motor cover.

Long-handled Allen Wrenches (9/64" and 1/8" for the air wheel and the combustion wheel)

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