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rockriver 10-19-2021 06:49 AM

Carefree of Colorado
my carefree compass collapsed. i'm not positive of cause, but 2 likely choices. 1. the skinny wimpy little v shaped spring that is used to hold awning in choice of adjusting slots. or the thin metal that allowed a "pin" to rip through... btw, my awning was the only one to crash in that very large campground. mh was bought in july of 2020. has spent most of it's life in an enclosed metal building. lots of bent arms and brackets... probable bent tube.?

trying to file a warranty claim...
their excuses--
systems are down and you can't submit warranty until systems are up and that will be a week or more.

they would call me back in the morning at 10 am... they didn't call all day

they would call mobile tech ... i explained their choice was 200+ miles away, but it is who they wanted to use so it suited me... i didn't hear from him. so i called him the next day... his response... i haven't heard from carefree and my charge would be 600 minimum and i don't have time... haven't heard from them.

during my first call, they put my notes on a yellow sticky which they threw away. they say that they called me back and left message for me and mobile tech... tech. says no. no record on my phone... and my phone shows no record of a call.

contacting motorhome factory to see if they can help... their first comment ..
we don't use carefree of colorado any more...

AlanTerry 10-19-2021 07:06 AM

I have had the same problems that you have had with Carefree. They have had a computer virus that has taken their system down for a couple of weeks along with dealing with COVID-19 complications. I got a call from Summer she told me my parts were waiting for UPS to pick up, glad to hear it because I ordered them September 20! She mentioned IT is getting their system back on but they still didn’t have company emails up yet which as you can imagine in today’s world that is catastrophic. Any way being patient works for me but then again I am not stranded and I work on my RV.

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