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SantinoDad 10-19-2021 11:29 PM

Water Heater drain and maintenance
2016 Winnebago Minnie Winnie. 2nd owner, purchased in May 2021 with 25,000 miles.

Previous owner shows about a dozen trips. We have already taken 6 short trips
in 5 months. We are very happy with our rig. First time RV owner.

Any hints on maintaining and draining water heater unit?

txcpl 10-20-2021 05:56 AM

RV manufacturers normally use one of 2 brands of water heaters-Atwood or Suburban. There are a number of you tube videos on both brands.

To clean out a water heater, first turn off the water then turn off the electricity to the water heater and let it cool down. Once it is cool, open a hot water faucet or the pop off valve to remove any pressure. Then remove the drain plug which on an Atwood is usually nylon, and on a Suburban it will be metal, and let the water run out. I use a small wand attached to a hose to then flush out the water heater. For an Atwood, install the plug. for a Suburban, check the anode rod and if it is pitted or worse, then it needs to be replaced before reinstalling. I change ours out annually. When ready, fill with water, turn on the heat source, and you are ready to go. WARNING---DO NOT turn on the heat source until the water heater is full of water.

You tube has videos on this as well.

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